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  1. Squirrely7

    Change font size on dim tools

    First post was spot on. Thanks!
  2. Like the title says. How do I change the font size on my dim tools? I'm drawing 1:1 and need my font in feet. Ex: 2' font size
  3. I'm having an issue setting a user origin and exporting symbol XYZ coordinates based on that origin. All symbol exports seem to use the page center and not my user origin. This is in regards to the MA export plugin. Ideally, I want this to work as it speeds up my patch and layouts on the console. The only workaround I have is to save a separate drawing, and move the drawing to the page center... which is driving me nuts. What's the secret?
  4. Squirrely7

    View port issue

    Excellent. Thank you.
  5. Squirrely7

    View port issue

    VW Spotlight 2019, SP 2 When I create a viewport, I'm having an issue where the beam angles.. or maybe it's the direction symbol, is stuck on. But only on the sheet layer. When I print to PDF, no beam angles. Attached is a snapshot of my screen. Apologies for the quality, but if you zoom in on the center viewport, you can see the issue. Am I missing something here to turn this all off? View.pdf
  6. Squirrely7

    Vw to MA2 plugin

    I am running SP4. It has not been fixed to date. I'm guessing with 19 around the corner, that the fix is being delayed for the new software...
  7. Squirrely7

    Vw to MA2 plugin

    Yes, I got it to run in 2017. 2018 exports a blank .xml file. ACT knows the issue.
  8. Squirrely7

    Vw to MA2 plugin

    Found it. I didn't realize it was a drag and drop... Thanks!
  9. Squirrely7

    Vw to MA2 plugin

    I got to this point, found the plug-in in the import/export window under commands. I tried dropping it into File - export , but nothing shows up. I will try again
  10. Squirrely7

    Vw to MA2 plugin

    Looking for a little help getting the MA2 plugin to run. I've already dropped the 'Export grandMA2 Setup (XML).vsm into my plugin folder. Now I need to add this to my workspace tools? This is where I hit a wall. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Squirrely7

    Count truss objects

    Thanks again. I'll give it try tomorrow.
  12. Squirrely7

    Count truss objects

    Thanks. One more question, is there a way to get it to spit out totals by symbol rather than a single line item per symbol? It looks like your example does what I want, but I can only get single counts. My work around is to cut and paste it into excel and use the cell count feature. A little ghetto but it works for now. File path: Spotlight -report --create report ---List All (symbols)
  13. Squirrely7

    Count truss objects

    I draw truss objects that I downloaded from the Christie website. I went in and deleted the 2d object leaving only the 3d. Once I draw the rig, how do I use VW to count the truss for me? Is this under export? Thanks


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