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  1. Hello, I am looking to export a Vectorworks 3D model to rhino. When I export using the rhino function all the layers are lost. I can individually export each individual layer and rename this and then import into rhino but this is very labour intensive. Is there an option similar to DWG export that allows layer preservation and solids to be exported.
  2. Thank zoomer. I've tried this but to no avail I assume its something vectorwork's cant do. I created a secondary viewport in front of the first
  3. I have overlapping solids within a 3D vector works file. I am trying to create a section view of the 3D solids. The hierarchy of the section cuts displayed is not what the layer order is or what is desired. I need to specify layer the section cuts order is this possible?I want the hatched option to be at the front. see attached screenshot.
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