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  1. thomnj

    Point load calculation

    Does anyone know an add-on program that can provide point load calculation for truss through Vectorworks? It would seem to me as long as I can input weight info for motors, fixtures, projectors, etc, that there should be a program to help provide loads at each rigging point, no?
  2. thomnj

    Tapered Object

    Thanks everyone. I used Nurb surfaces and the Loft command and it worked perfectly. Much appreciated.
  3. thomnj

    Importing 3D Files

    I was given an OBJ and an MTL file of a 3D object that I want to import. I understand that I can import the OBJ file, and when I do, it comes out as a Mesh object that when I render in Renderworks it comes out solid black. I believe the MTL file is a material library that perhaps has the color and texture information I am looking for. Any thoughts how I can combine these files to give me a full color, 3D object?
  4. thomnj

    Tapered Object

    I want to create a tapered, 8 sided 3D object. What series of commands would I use to do this?
  5. thomnj

    Lighting Pipe

    Thanks much. It looks good in 3D, but in 2D, the pipe is still running horizontal. Any way to solve that dilemma?
  6. thomnj

    Lighting Pipe

    How can I change the hanging angle of a piece of Sch 40 pipe using the Lighting Pipe tool? Want the pipe to be perpendicular to stage rather than parallel. Thank you.


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