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  1. Does anyone know an add-on program that can provide point load calculation for truss through Vectorworks? It would seem to me as long as I can input weight info for motors, fixtures, projectors, etc, that there should be a program to help provide loads at each rigging point, no?
  2. Thanks everyone. I used Nurb surfaces and the Loft command and it worked perfectly. Much appreciated.
  3. I was given an OBJ and an MTL file of a 3D object that I want to import. I understand that I can import the OBJ file, and when I do, it comes out as a Mesh object that when I render in Renderworks it comes out solid black. I believe the MTL file is a material library that perhaps has the color and texture information I am looking for. Any thoughts how I can combine these files to give me a full color, 3D object?
  4. I want to create a tapered, 8 sided 3D object. What series of commands would I use to do this?
  5. Thanks much. It looks good in 3D, but in 2D, the pipe is still running horizontal. Any way to solve that dilemma?
  6. How can I change the hanging angle of a piece of Sch 40 pipe using the Lighting Pipe tool? Want the pipe to be perpendicular to stage rather than parallel. Thank you.
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