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  1. walkthrough tool when setting a 3d view cuts through the building so i am unable to see exactly the scene to which i want to render. how do i stop this from happening ?? thanks,
  2. I have a site model with a complicated topography and was wondering whether i could place a road on this model that sits on top of this complicated topography and moulds to the site model. Can this be done ?? many thanks.
  3. Hi kevin, It was annoyingly me being daft and not realising the class wasn't on. Thanks for your reply for help though. Patrick
  4. Ive created a 3d model with 3d objects. however when i go into the viewports i created for the plans of each floor my 3d objects in aren't showing as 2d plan in my model. why is this and is there anything i can do to rectify this. Thanks
  5. How do i create excavation in my site model. i basically want a square hole in my site model Thanks
  6. How do i place a skylight into my 45 degree roof. it doesn't highlight the same as it does with walls. thanks
  7. My mansard roof has a pitch of 45 degrees. Its an attic and therefore has walls. How do i Allow my walls to remain flush with the roofs angle and also have an angled wall ? Thanks
  8. How do i create a mansard roof on the VW?? Pitched with a flat top thanks Patrick


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