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  1. By definition a transom is "a window set above the transom of a door or larger window; a fanlight" . I believe that if you take a Marvin window for example and add a transom, Marvin will add the transom above the chosen window thus leaving the window per the IFC dimensions. If the transom is taken out of the window the IFC dimensions no longer hold. The VW interpretation messes with the window dimensions in elevations, schedules, etc unless you manually change the window height and elevation to acommadate the transom.

  2. 20 hours ago, Wes Gardner said:

    The shapes that ship with the program reside in Vectorworks > Libraries > Defaults > Structural Shapes.

    If you want to create custom shapes, I'd put them in the User folder following the same path.  In this manner, they won't get over written next time you upgrade. (Hint: For Mac you have to expose your Library folder) - the path then is UserName > Library > Application Support > Vectorworks > etc. etc.

    BTW, this holds true for adding any custom stuff, use your User Folder and keep the path identical to the Application folder's path(s) and then you'll be able to see your custom shapes, etc. in the various drop-downs.

    Let me know if there's difficulty.


    Thanks but I only see the steel shapes there. I don't see the new 2017 concrete shapes.

  3. I am using the renderworks textures that shipped with VW. I don't have a layer DPI. I reset the resolution in the document preferences for raster printing to 150dpi. Helped a little but screwed up the lighting. Maybe I need to get a handle on the lighting first?

  4. I have a building that I show the 4 sides by views of 'front, back, left, and right. When I render the viewport with sketch, you see thru to the back of the other wall.

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