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  1. Thanks Dave, I didn't realize that. I thought I was missing something really simple. For this client, I'll probably have to do a 2d dimensioned plan along with the 3d renderings. Thanks for all the help. -Bryn
  2. Here's a view uploaded to smugmug of what I'm trying to do. The plan view with the trim on the frame part of the wall is the way that I've drawn for 37 years, including in VW before version 12. This is my first full 3d in version 12. -Bryn http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/1610267/1/78332613/Medium
  3. Peter, I had tried the "splay setting" and could only get an angled brick return, but I just tried it again to see if the trim actually showed when it was rendered. The trim will only show when the window is set to "use wall depth" and the trim is on the face of the brick. I would guess I have something set wrong so that the window is not cutting the wall to the width of the trim when it is on the face of the wood frame. -Bryn
  4. Thanks islandmon, but the parts are 3d details. The 4" ext trim should be applied to the wall frame and the brick should return to the edge of the trim. When I do that in plan, I can see the trim against the frame, but the rendered view has no trim. I have to use the full wall depth to render the trim, but then the trim is on the face of the brick, with no brick return. Also, when I make the window a symbol and try to edit, I can't edit the 3d parts because I get the same setup dialog as when I inserted with the window tool.-Bryn
  5. I've inserted a single-hung window with 4" int and ext trim into a 2x4 brick veneer wall. If I adjust for 2 wall components to have the brick return, it is correct in plan view, but no trim shows in renderworks final quality. If "use wall thickness" is applied, the trim shows when rendered, but in plan view, the trim is not where I want it. Can someone point me in the right direction to have the window show correctly in plan and rendered views? Mac OS 10.4.6, VW 12.0.1 -Bryn
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