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  1. Hi JimW, Thanks for the great information! This is a very useful post to have. I'm curious what other users are using for their CPU. I've started to spec a new build for one of our designers and the goal is to use the best hardware available. I have a few questions that would be nice to have answered: If money wasn't a variable, what is the best CPU you could use for Vectorworks 2018? Would it be worth considering building a machine with a xenon processor or would an i7 or i9 be sufficient? Is there much of an advantage to an i9 over an i7 for this application? Which mobo architecture would give me the best performance? Will the program take advantage of GPUs in SLI configuration? Any difference in using a GTX card over a Quadro? Is there a maximum amount of RAM the program will use? Would it be worth getting more than say 64GB? If any users out there cared to post their builds it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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