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  1. ps.2. The history of electronic submissions is long in Singapore - and full of problems. In the late 90's the authorities requested the very same thing, at that time trying to make everybody use AutoCAD. They did have a software that looked for 3D elements and run a set of plan-checking routines on them. Long story short - it was a spectacular fiasco which only made me happy since in the end I did not have to switch to ACAD. As you may imagine I am sweating bullets now trying to hold on to VW as long as I can. That is why I am trying to get VW to hear me out and help. Not to mention that i would mean only one thing for the company - market expansion - as I am sure all revit users would jump ship faster than you can say "errr... software that should go nameless for legal reasons... sucks".
  2. p.s. I was considering the IFC to be used as a mid-point translation device between VW and the authorities (migrating the files from VW to archicad and saving it in .pla) but there are some glitches and the transfer is not 100% clean. That said we really should not be trying to find such convoluted ways to patch up something that could and should be straightforward and simple.
  3. Good questions, Christiaan. Currently the submissions are human checked. Any job larger than 5,000m2 must be submitted in both .pdf and .pla format (archicad's archive format). IFC is not allowed for submissions. Cheers,n.
  4. Singapore allows the following two CAD packages to be used for BIM submissions: Revit and Archicad. I do not care if the VW support base is small here, we - however few - deserve the comfort of your support and feel that you as a company should do whatever it takes to convince the government to bring the VW's BIM to the standards accepted by the local authorities. As a VW user I feel abandoned and ignored. I deliberately write "I" as I do not even care if there are other users here. I feel that as a devoted VW user (or MiniCad if you still remember that far back) I deserve the same commitment from you, VW. Cheers, n.