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  1. Hi all, At the moment, I am adding new details to a document drawn by another person, where I am adding new classes. I need these classes to be visible in an existing viewport, but they are not visible everytime I return to it. Each time I move away from the design layer, they are are turning themselves off in the design rather than as a viewport visibility (where they remain on). In the past I would simply recreate the viewport to rectify this, but this viewport has several embedded viewports which I don't want to change. If there is a simpler way to solve this any help would be most appreciated! Thank you Ellen V18 on MacOS sierra 10.12.6
  2. Thank you Mike, Zoomer, and Gadzooks for your advice! I have tried the automatic working plane using the '\' on a UK keyboard, and it does work for a few steps, then a '"Automatic working plane not available in current context" appears when I try to do it again. However, I have found that I can draw using the 3D polygon for most of my design. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all, I'm a relative beginner in Vectorworks, and after drawing several 2d drawings/ modifications, this is my first model in 3d. I've extruded several objects from the ground plane, and I would now like to cut through the extrusions by drawing simple shapes on the face then push/pull and subtract the solids. However, the 2d drawing instantly snaps to the ground plane/ or the working plane, rather than the object itself. The object snap doesn't change this, and I've resorted to setting working planes on every surface, but I'll bet there is faster way to bypass the planes and snap to the objects (all the object snap option are on in the smartsursor settings, but doesn't snap to 3d object) This sounds like such a simple problem but I have tried numerous snapping/ preferences settings and haven't fixed the problem. Any advice would be most appreciated!
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