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  1. The new Landmark program appears to have some good Civil/Site tools along with the Landscape Tools. It seems that a Civil/Site focused program can't be that difficult to develop. Hopefully, Nemetschek is listening... Given the lack of response to your query, I am not sure about support. I believe there is a large market yet untapped.
  2. Any new info on Civil & Structural Engineering packages for Vectorworks?
  3. I thought the terrain modeling was based upon work by Compuneering. I use a cogo program by Compuneering. Will this be integrated into Vectorworks?
  4. You may want to look at PowerCadd... The layers are in a window that can remain open. Changing Layers requires a mouse click on the desired layer. This is a BIG time saver.
  5. Does Diehl Graphsoft's business plan include investment to develop new markets... There are lots of civil engineers and architectural engineers that have no option.
  6. Is there a list of the default key commands for Zoom, etc. A complete list would be helpful. Also, is there an overview window that show the entire drawing in a separate window to aid in drawing navigation?
  7. With the number of Autocad users that would prefer to use Vectorworks... I was hoping the response might be that Diehl Graphsoft was actively pursuing this market by contracting with developers such as Eagle Point, Geosoft, Civilsoft,PacSoft....there are lots of companies that support Autocad because they were asked to do so. Just open a Civil Engineering magazine and see all the developers. What about intergrating structural design? Again there are lots of developers who could benefit if Diehl Graphsoft would pursue the market. You bridged the Mac/PC gap... There are several hundred thousands of Autocad users (Civil & Structural Engineers) that have no option...
  8. What are the specific plans for offering tools beyond the DTM package. How about Structural Design, Land Surveying and Road/Sewer Design? These tools are available for AutoCad... How about employing those companies to integrate their products into Vectorworks?
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