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  1. Thank you markdd, I will give it a try!
  2. The thing is , I am able to get a 2d, but it is just a view port. I can't work with it as individual editable lines. I want to take this viewport and be able to edit it as a 2d drawing without having to go back to my 3D model.
  3. I am preparing detail drawing on a section that is exported from clip cube. How can I be able to edit the exported view as a 2d layer, to add some more information and edit some lines I was not able to adjust on the 3D model? Or only copy the cut section line to modify it further?
  4. It works, thank you! However, it brings all layers into one. Is there a possibility to adjust this?
  5. I want to export my 3d model from VW to Sketchup. When I try 3DS format, it just scatter the model vertically, I also tried STL file which is too heavy to open. Some ideas?
  6. Can someone please explain the difference of this two icons?
  7. Great! thanks Mike m oz! I will give it a go.
  8. I have seen this video, but thanks for the help Markdd!
  9. The door plug in was just not helping... is there maybe a basic tutorial I can see, any example showing how it is done?
  10. I am trying to build the door opening with the leaf and the frame. (custom made). Yes, I want it to interact and it would be very helpful, if I know how to do it.
  11. Hello, I am trying to build my own custom door. the option that I get from the door menu is not what I am looking for. I am familiar with sketchup and, it is very easy 5 min job. However, I spent the whole day on Vectorworks trying to figure out, how I can easily built my own door? There is not even one tutorial I was able to find, easily explaining to make my own door. Can anyone please help me understand the trick? I have attached the picture of the door I am trying to create. Thank you!
  12. My model is going to be printed first on 1:1000 scale, because the machine I am going to use can only print as large as 380, 254, 203mm (xyz).
  13. Thank you JimW for helping! But I am talking about Window frame for example. I am able to turn off any furniture or anything that is not related to the structure. However, the wall and window have lots of details and I just want to get more or less simple outline without the need to do another model just for 3d printing. Maybe I should ask, is it possible to 3d-print a complex architectural model from Vectorworks?
  14. Hello, I am kind of new to Vectorworks, and especially to 3d printing. I have an architectural model with surrounding buildings on a contour. When I take this file for printing, it shows errors, and my model is too detailed with lots of components. I don't know how to reduce these elements to a simple volume for 3d-printing. Any tip?
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