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  1. If I understand your question, you want to have a specific font as the default with every new document and with every use of the text tool, right? If so, here's what I did:

    Using the blank document at start-up of VWA 9 (or 8.5.2 for that matter), I go to Text> Format Text and select my font and its formatting. From that point on, your selected font and size, so forth should be the default. If that doesn't work, then try selecting each attribute one by one from the text menu. In either approach, make sure the pointer tool is active for these actions to take.

    Hope this helps

  2. I have had similar problems, but found that (through HP tech support) that by simply reinstalling the HP RIP software, I was able to print normally again. Additionally, creating a new file with the same number of sheets and doing a cut and paste to each sheet created a "restored" file to continue with.

    I have a B/W G3 with 384 MB RAM, VM turned off (better performance) and the same 455CA plotter.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I too, have been experiencing a slow down. I found that turning VM off made things work better, though it did cut down on the time I had discovered for going out to get coffee!

    B/W G3 with 384 MB RAM.

    I am hopeful the bugs and performance will be improved with the next maintenance release.

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