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  1. Jim, Now Apple has just released 10.14.1 and VW has just released SP1.1. Does that mean that VW is now compatible with Mojave?? my not updating to Mojave is affecting all the other programme I need/run?? Your response would be appreciated. Regards Richard.
  2. Thats all fine & good but how would I know that this advice was posted on a bulletin board! VW holds all email addresses...surely an email warning would have been more direct, helpful and saved users a lot of trouble/heartache. Sorry, but not good enough VW. ps. make no mistake, I love the programme and have used it since it's inception, its the main reason for the passionate outcry.
  3. I've in stalled VW2019 on the MacOS release of Mojave, all works fine except text, slows the programme down to an unacceptable level. So much so that I now cannot work in 2019 or re-install 2018 having re-installed MacOS High Sierra. VW have had months and umpteen beta releases to get this right? We are professionals using this programme and our livelihood's are being threatened. VW when are you going to put this right??
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