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  1. Thanks Chad, With our fire stairs in a multi storey building generally the handrail is continuous in a fire stair to aid in "fall protection" even across the landings. I ended up modelling a group that appeared continuous and duplicated it up the building basically as you said. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply Christiaan however I really need to model it accurately in 3d as our fire engineers are modelling within the fire stair. Its also over 6 Storeys for this project, on another it is over 13. I just thought they maybe a simple way to make the stair objects 'aware' of other stairs or adjust the railing to simulate a continuous handrail. I've just ended up creating a handrail in the "draw handrail" tool that appears to give the correct effect but obviously this will not adjust with the stairs if they change.
  3. Am I missing something? Is it not possible to do continuous stairs across multiple storeys? How do people work around this if you want a continuous handrail? Using 2018. Cheers.
  4. Maybe this should be moved to troubleshooting?
  5. Hi Guys, We are having a lot of trouble with our grid exporting to IFC. It was created using the grid bubble tool. All our model comes out perfectly, in IFC, except the grid which appears garbled. (See screen shots) As far as we can see there is IFC data attached to the grid, IFCgrid as a group I believe this is now automatic? Are we doing something wrong? I have removed the grid from the master model file for simplification and testing. Thanks. IFC re-import Original Grid
  6. I am getting this issue every time I make a change to settings in the viewport. Even just a simple change results in a 3 sec render to black viewport. Using fast exterior realistic render or Ozcad realistic exterior fast. I am not in a wall or anything, this is becoming frustrating and time consuming. Save the file close and re-open and it renders fine! Any progress on this bug?
  7. Adzm

    IFC Import Updates

    Thanks for all the replies. The shuttle file process is what I meant by using the dlvp. As Robert D Anderson said this only becomes an issue with a layer change. Or if i want to switch on/off classes. Zoomer - this is what I wondered? Does it know what has been updated and just overlay?
  8. Hi Guys, I have started working in a architectural practice who has decided to take on Vectorworks. So this is new to me and them. So far, having used Revit, I am enjoying the user friendliness of VW. However we are working on a large apartment building with modelling for mech etc. being done externally and then being imported as IFC. What is the best way to update the ifc file when changes are made? So far its been a case of delete and re-import otherwise we are seeing duplication. Is this correct? I have done quite a bit of searching on this topic but am unable to bring up anything directly applicable. Maybe I am searching with the wrong terms? I have also been looking to using a DLVP instead but this option seems to have less flexibility? Using 2017 Architect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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