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  1. Well Jim, WebVR is out on Firefox since a few days...http://www.zdnet.com/article/firefox-55-is-out-windows-users-get-webvr-plus-more-speed-faster-launches/ And it works like a charm. You should have a look and try it. The fact that the VW webviewer works on a smartphone browser in stereo, implicates that it will work on a normal pc browser. It was only programmed not to work on the pc, because there is no use for a eye split stereo... If you analyze the code, you see stereo all over the place. And with a bit of willpower, it can be working quicky. We're not talking about an Indy developer... But maybe that's the problem... Michel
  2. Well, to be frank, WebVR is WebVR... Seems pretty platform independent for me... The only thing Nemetscheck would have to do, is let the stereo 3d view open up in a browser. Today, I saw Mozzilla officially launched WebVR as a standard feature. I tried the weblink, again, no Stereo view on the Vive. Please...get you stuff together and do something for the community. Don't come with half baked solutions. We are pro's, and pay a load of cash for our licenses within the company. We need to sell the stuff we make in the most professional way, in this case with an HTC Vive. You the software builders need to understand this. You are making the software, for us users. We deliver input and expect feedback on our desires. If stereo works on a telephone browser, then it should work also on a standard browser with WebVR active. So please, take your customers seriously and set the command that is inhibiting going to stereo in workstation browser to "true". It's already in the code... It took ages to have a sort of decent renderer, now it takes ages to have vr... Sometimes I'm sorry I learned and invested that much time in the program.
  3. Maybe it's good to realise it''s 2017. Models are heavy and not run easily on a phone. Until now I haven't found a solution to get the address bar out of the browser. Until then the webview is useless on a VR Phone. But to be frank, we have a Vive Dev kit since end of 2015. And it's frustrating to see that running webview on a pc, won't go to stereo because it's not a phone. I would suggest you take out this blockage and let the community find it's own solutions based on the open standard. Better it would be to support Oculus and Vive. I know it costs time, but there was plenty of preparation time. Would be great if it was an intermediate update in 2017 instead of a 2018 update... Our clients demand it now. Hope you will understand the urgency.


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