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  1. Interesting update. I was just updating some labels and that seems to have fixed the issue..
  2. Here it is. Thanks for the help Variety_Care.vwx
  3. Here is a zoomed view. The fixtures aren't doubled because the circle doesn't scale the same way.
  4. Hello, I am having a strange issue where all of my lighting instruments become some sort of circle symbol after a new view is created with a border. The fixtures look normal when zooming in and out, but the always come back. Anyone know what I've done? Photo Attached.
  5. Hello, I am struggling to get fixtures active in VW that will work for vision. In the prior version videos, it looks like you can convert fixtures with the edit vision data command. But in VW 2017 you can't seem to use edit vision data unless the fixture is in fixture mode: vision, which of course is not an available option. My next stop was to try to pull directly from the vision fixture library, which was supposed to come with he automatically installed plugin, but I'm not finding that anywhere either. Anybody know where I'm getting off track?