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  1. Thanks for the reply. Do you mean Model>Sweep... ? It's not allowed for Spotlight Lighting Pipes. I've attached a screen capture, and a VW2020 file. Ugly Lighting Pipe Example.vwx
  2. In v.2020, whenever I try to create a curved lighting pipe with a roll angle (using any of the modes) I get double line version of the pipe, made up of straight lines connecting the vertices (no arcs, just short straight lines). The theatre I work in most often has several curved lighting positions that aren't level (on purpose). So my light plots now look like a really bad, hand drafted student version, drawn freehand. This problem has only appeared in v.2020, and wasn't there in 2019 and earlier versions. Anyone else have this problem? or can think of what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Thanks for the info! After giving the door a panic bar, I ended up duplicating and editing the symbol for a standard lever (I deleted everything except the handle and escutcheon) and placed it at the right spot on the door. It's now grouped with the shutter and associated panic bar hardware, just so they stay together as I copy this to the 21 locations where doors like this are in the venue (they sure build these places with a lot of doors, and these aren't even the main entrances or loading doors!). This is all just to make the presentation look a little better than before. It's the lighting and scenery for the show (coming up in November) that really need to be correct.
  4. 0 replies. Oh, sadness. I was hoping this was easy.
  5. Hi all, I'm drawing a venue and want to get serious with some of the details. I need a panic bar on the inside of several of the doors, and a lever on the outside. But the hardware pane in the door hardware preferences only wants to let me put one kind of thing on a door, and it puts the panic bar on the inside (rightly so), but nothing on the outside. How do you add a lever or put different hardware on different sides? Steve


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