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  1. webdevsimon

    FBX exporter

    Yes, it's for Unity3D. That command is great but I need to export multiple VWX files (200+)
  2. webdevsimon

    FBX exporter

    Is there a way to export multiple VW files to FBX? If not is it possible using Automator and AppleScript?
  3. webdevsimon

    Selected polygon properties

    def rename(h): vs.AlrtDialog(h) return () vs.ForEachObject(rename, "((L='Layer') & (SEL=TRUE))") Hi, sorry in advance if I'm not using the correct terms. I'm new to Vectorworks and I want to write a script which get the properties of selected objects. At the moment I have a Handle object which does show me the attributes of the selected object. I want to use the data to populate other objects in the same layer.


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