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  1. Continuing my search I have come across the wall projection and recess tools. Again, like the curtain wall tool, SO close to being what I need yet still I can't get the desired results. So I started another project this weekend that is a group of small SFDs, early design phase so windows and doors will be moving around etc but I still need to produce detailed elevations to present to the client/designer. I am looking for a way to model and show the ext. finishes, in this case cement board panels and horizontal siding, in elevation in such a way that when I move windows around It will take minimal effort to reconfigure them i.e. window openings will follow my windows. The wall projection tool IS SO CLOSE. so close. I extruded a profile of the horizontal siding, associated it with the wall and it looks great and windows cut through it no problem. BUT the wall projections seem to get bugged out when they approach the corners of the wall. Maybe I'm missing something? See attached screenshots. As a temporary fix I have put trim at the corners of the walls where the projections seem to bug out (see point B) and cut out and projected only the center portion of the panels on the upper floor (see point C). These are both outstanding issues though because the designer doesn't want corner trim and the cut through the panels shows up in hidden line render for the elevations. Also in plan view I am getting tons of visual bugs. Half the time when I go from 3D to plan view parts of walls or entire walls have vanished, although they will appear highlighted if I mouse over them, only to come back seemingly randomly after a few minutes (see point A). Very strange. I'm sure there must be a better way to achieve this.
  2. Hi Alan. Thank you for the response, I will take a look at the attached .vwx. Cheers
  3. The parametric wall tool that is default to VW is nice but I want to know if its possible to take it a step further. I am trying to find a way of distributing objects or extruding custom profiles horizontally and vertically across the surface of a wall efficiently to create things such as flashings or cladding. Ideally being able to click and drag a wall like you would with the wall tool but automatically generate and space specified extrusions or recesses across its surface. On one of my current projects I am using the curtain wall tool to create a second wall on the outside of my exterior walls that represents the 4x8 reveal panels and it works quite well. See attached screenshot. Theoretically the curtain wall tool performs most of the functions I want to do, but it is restrictive. I need to create two windows at each opening to cut the curtain wall as I cannot find any way to combine or link multiple walls so one window cuts through both (Is this possible?). The curtain wall tools frame and panel options are limited and do not allow for the use of custom profiles (custom profiles are a big deal when I need to model something after a specific product). So what I am wondering is wether there already exists or if its possible to create a function or tool (Maybe with marionette?) that functions similar to the curtain wall tool but is more customizable and less restrictive. Another Issue I have yet to find a good solution to is the inability to fillet or chamfer the edges of plug-in objects like doors and windows (or say the edges of the frames and panels of the curtain walls above) without losing their parametric abilities. I do a lot of rendering and having soft edges is important for realistic lighting. I have a feeling all this and more could be possible with the marionette tool, but I have yet to set aside the time to start learning it.
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