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  1. I have a file that I have drafted in 1/4" scale that I'd like to scale up to 1:1, since it would be easier to manipulate. Is there an easy way to do this without messing up the dimensions of my drawing? Beauty_and_the_Beast_Plot.vwx
  2. I have a file on spotlight in which, being used to the workings of AutoCAD, I simply set up a 24x36 rectangle and drafted in 1/4" scale in that, since this was my first time using this program. Now that I want to export, I can't seem to get it within the sheet layer. Is there a quick and easy way to get the sheet layer to contain what I drew, or do I have to alter a lot? Also, is there an easy way to change my title block, drawn just in a design layer instead of sheet layer, to the regular format of a title block? If it helps, I have attached the file in question, in vectorworks 2017 format. Beauty_and_the_Beast_Plot.vwx
  3. Sure, I have attached it. I imported it from an AutoCAD file, so some of it is a bit messy, but ignore the layers such as "???" that are irrelevant. It is still all a work in progress, so some remaining pieces from CAD still remain. WEEPAC_VWX.vwx
  4. Hi all, I am slowly learning Vectorworks after using AutoCAD for many years, and I'm having problems creating lighting positions in the program. I've created several electrics using the lighting pipe tool, but whenever I try to convert them into lighting positions in the Spotlight menu, the "Convert to Light Position" tool is greyed out and unusable. Any insight/settings I could have wrong that could be causing this?
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