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  1. ok Thanks, I'll try to mess around with it on one of the school computers.
  2. Trying to find a way to isolate all the trees in this image. I think I can do it if I take out all the white in this. freehand tool cropping is a little too tedious.
  3. yes, @Claes Lundstrom I'm going for something just like that. I tried "create surface from curves" and it wouldn't read the curve network. Next, I tried the Birail sweep mode from loft surface tool but it likes to make the curve with straight lines as you see above. I'm wondering if it is my graphics card that will not produce the image I want.
  4. @Claes Lundstrom I've had to let those surfaces sit a brew for a while, when I come back to them later I'll be able to look at them without frustration. Here is a detail piece of the car i'm working on i'm trying to smooth the edges out instead of having them in straight section to make up the whole curve.
  5. @Benson ShawThanks! I'm spending a lot of time on it.
  6. I did this while drinking my morning coffee. so about 30-45min. I played with adding and subtracting the number of profile curves that I have. I took the profile curves from a solid shape that I subtracted other solid shapes from till I got the look I wanted, but the problem was that I couldn't add any texture or consistent color to it by the time I was finished shaping it.
  7. More Progress with the no rail loft surface.
  8. @Benson Shaw Chose the no rail mode from loft surfaces. pretty happy with the rear quarter panels. Will post more progress later.
  9. I'm trying you loft a surface with more than 3 sides. I've extracted NURBS curves from a solid shape that is too complex to take the texture I need. How would you suggest creating a loft surface with more than 3 sides? The shape I'm trying to construct is a car body, so the NURBS curves are the wheel well, the trunk of the car, door frames etc. This image shows the curves I'm using.
  10. Great I love the way that looks. For the grass growing up from the mulch, how did you make the density of the grass so low? to look give it the sparse look?
  11. Hello- I'm trying to add multiple textures to a single solid object. I have an extruded rectangular shape that's serving as a "ground" covered in a sand texture. There is a point where it runs up against a wall that has its own texture and I would like to add a tall grass where the two meet. could someone help with adding both textures to the "ground"
  12. I'm looking to create a terra cotta tile look, with grass in between the tile. 12x12 tile with 3inch spacing for grass to grow between. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create this look in 2D?
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