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  1. It' s been years since everybody else (your competitors I mean) have supported in their applications unicode support for text. Since not everybody uses English as a first language it would be wise to add unicode support so other languages can be used on VW. This particular wish is very high in countries like Greece and is one of the decisive factors in avoiding to buy your otherwise brilliant software
  2. thomas

    Dongle and Sn

    Thanks Katie for the reply but no, it is not an old dongle, it is one of those purple USB dongles. I am afraid that during the updates something got messed up and I ended up with a sn that doesn' t correspond to my dongle.The unfortunate thing is that the local distributor is on vacation till the 18th of August and nothing can be done till then!!!!!! What a service!!!
  3. In my work we have worked with Vectorworks since version 9 following all the updates through to 12. Our version is a dongle protected one. I received recently version 12.01 which I installed. I also installed the latest driver from Aladdin's website but whenever I try to start VW12 I receive the message that the dongle is incompatible with the Sn I was provided with. I must say that when I ordered the update I was asked my previous Sn. I run VW on Win2000
  4. Now VW 12, but still no unicode support!!!!!What the f.... do they think when it comes to creating a piece of software to be sold internationally? How does Nemetschek NA expects us to use its own software when all competition has turned to unicode? It's not just a wish item, IT'S A NECESSITY. Don't you get it? Do something Nemetschek, and do it fast, or expect to lose many international customers
  5. the problem I described in previous posts remains unanswered! Where is Nemetschek support when you really need it?
  6. is there no remedy for my troubles?
  7. I Bought it from a local distributor (local in terms of country but he is still in another town). I usually don't have the support I need and in a world full of Autocad I have to fight my battles to persuade people to use your software. Having problems with fonts like the one I have REALLY gives your excellent software a bad name. Why on earth don't you support fully the unicode encoding? Even Microsoft does!
  8. i was working on a v.11.01 of vectorworks and I updated to 11.5. However, since I am a user in Greece I use Greek fonts (unicode fonts)but I encountered a problem with the capital Greek "Σ" which can be written ok but everytime I try to edit the text every instance of it changes to "". The program also has a problem identifing this letter on file names as well. I use a windows 2000 (service pack 4). Why this stupid behaviour? Doesn't VW use the unicode encoding? and if not why? Aren't we all non english speaking users entitled to support of our language?
  9. Still no luck. I have pinpointed the problem though to just Greek characters, therefore I presume it has to do with the encoding which must have changed between versions.
  10. I used to work with VW 10 on a PC with windows 98 and the font I used to use was Arial Narrow. Since I updated to VW 11 my documents are Ok except the texts which are illegible as if they are translated into something else, although it still shows them as being Arial Narrow. It is imperative to find a cure to discard the old version and keep using only the new one.
  11. I've been trying to customise the symbols in ID_Symbols.mcd to include more info when I use the ID label tool but I can't seem to find how to link text in the symbol to the Fldtext, so what i get when placing the ID label is just the default text I have placed in the symbol and not the value of the record's field that I need
  12. I'm using win98 on a Pentium III/1000Hz and I use VW 9.5.2. The trouble is that some shortcuts don't seem to work while others do. The ones affected are mostly those that use the combination control+(some letter), i.e. control+S, control+M. It's kind of annoying and it is slowing me down. Any suggestions please?
  13. While using VW 9.5 on Win98 (Greek Edition), when I enter Greek text in the object info of a plugin object (ie. roomname or drawing label) the text appears as expected in the oblect info window, but I receive rectangles and strange characters on the drawing itself. It doesn't seem to matter what font I specify in the appropriate pop up menu in the object info. I use especially a font "Arial" which is the standard Greek font for Win 98.
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