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  1. thank you for your help. Unfortunately the YouTube channel does not really help. For instance what is the best way to create a channel set glass system with a door and have it insert into a wall rather than breaking the wall into multiple pieces? Should we be using Curtain walls for this and making them a symbol then inserting them into the walls? Thank you for your guidance. It is much appreciated!
  2. Happy day everyone! I am a new user of VW of about 6 months now. I have been graciously given command of our ship to help the office learn better workflow and techniques for creating our plans. Would anyone be generous enough to share some pointers or their workflow and an example file? We use the walls for laying out our plans but we are doing our sections and elevations in 2D line work the old fashioned way. We also redraw our windows for our schedule, this seems to take extra time since the floor plan updates and we must follow through to the elevations and the schedule. We do mostly commercial work and very little residential here and there. What kind of scripts or marionettes do you use to enhance your workflow and become more efficient. I have been a power AutoCAD Architecture user for 12 years now and VW just seems very clunky and maybe not to user friendly. I am not here to compare or bash software I just want to know any tips and tricks to help our office. Thank you very much for your time! Have a powerful day!
  3. Yes I meant space label. Yes if you find it please share. Thank you MK for your help!
  4. Hello all, I have a space symbol that calculates my occupant load. Is there a way to get the formula in the symbol to round up to a whole integer? This way I do not need to input the integer I want. Also is there a way for the area to have a thousands separator as well? See my attached screen shot. Thank you for your help!
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