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  1. Thanks for the help, but I've find another way to do it. I've given a texture (with a bump) to the wall class of the massing model and this simulates a façade to the massing model. It looks pretty great but now I've come across another problem. I tried to simulate a balcony which works, but the problem is that the texture (with the balcony) also appaers in the roof and the floor of the massing model, even though the roof of the massing model is set on a different class (with a different texture). Does the wall class of the massing model include every surface of the massing model (roof, walls, floor)?
  2. It looks great and thanks for the help but it's not completely what I had in mind. I'm working on a very large (urban) scale with several massing models (that contain data). The idea is that if I want to make a eye-level view render of the current masterplan, I can simulate façades on the massing models. And if the masterplan changes along with the massing models, the façades ajdust as well. Maybe it's more interesting to work with a bump on a texture? Or create a wall from the massing model. Thanks again!
  3. Looks interesting! Is it possible to save the file as a lower version? I have vectorworks 2016.
  4. Is it possible to simulate simple façades (windows) on a massing model with the marionette tool? Something like this:
  5. This works perfectly, thanks!:)
  6. I have a model with mass models and a landscape. For the mass model I've made an entire worksheet that gives me a lot of information instantly. Now I'm trying to find a way to do kind of the same thing for the landscape. I have made several classes ( private green, public green, water, hard surface,...) all in the same layer (landscape). I was wondering of it's possible to make a worksheet that gives me in one column the name of the class and in the other column the entire surface of all the polygons in that class? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am using VW16. Too bad there's not an function in vectorworks that generates a forest (for if you want to do an aerial view of the design) or something simular but this will do fine:) Thanks for the help!
  8. Is it possible to model a forest in vectorworks and render it with renderworks? I have tried with putting some 3D trees, but the file is getting heavier... Thanks in advance!
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