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  1. How about they hire another person to assist you!
  2. Rob, as you can see it seems like a lot of us are interested in some grip gear. It is as important as lighting Instruments. It has been mentioned for a while now in this forum and with sales people. How do we get it moved up the list.? Thanks,
  3. YES, Grip Gear!! C Stands, double riser Lighting stands, Telescoping Hangers (sticks)
  4. Are there any good libraries with grip symbols?
  5. Thanks but I'm looking for something like this.Something I can lock down. Something
  6. Is there a symbol for a Heavyweight Telescoping Hanger, for lights?
  7. Now that LED's are being used we need Circuit Breaker panel, relay and Contactor symbols to be included in the Spotlight library. These symbols are as necessary as Dimmer rack symbols Its should have reporting functionality as well. **for not fort!
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