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  1. Dianeth

    Program Text

    I just did it rebooting the computer. Now I see a little more of the Floating data bar, but I still see thew text cut, and other windows or text stretched.
  2. Dianeth

    Program Text

    Actually I have it in 250% to be able to see some texts in the program, they got very small now. Not just the Floating data bar has a problem.
  3. Dianeth

    Program Text

    Yes. The same cutoff happen. I tried all the scales and happens the same.
  4. Dianeth

    Program Text

    It's Windows 10 and Vectorworks 2013.
  5. Dianeth

    Program Text

    Thank you Dubman. I've tried everything and everyday I can see less in the Floating data bar and the Object info is stretched as well. I don't know what else to do.
  6. Dianeth

    Program Text

    Thank you very much for your responses Art V. I appreciate you reminding/ teaching me things about computers, hehe. I'm changing from working on a laptop to a desktop with a new bigger screen. I read in another forum that this "floating data bar" is like this because of the vectorworks version I'm using vs the screen options resolutions on new computers. The Vectorworks person on the forum said he was going to tell the creators to improve that for newer versions. I guess I need to get used to another tool in the meantime I get a newer version. At least I know it's not something I did wrong. Thanks,
  7. Dianeth

    Program Text

    Thank you Art V. It's better now, but the information box keeps cutting the numbers inside it. :(. Maybe because this is a wider screen?.
  8. Hello!. I just changed from laptop to a 28" screen to work better on vectorworks, but now the information box when I measure is incomplete. On other words, using a line trying to measure doesnt show the whole information on the text-information box, the numbers appear half of them. Also, Arributes text: solid and opacity looks so small that I cant read them and that is happening with other palettes. Can somebody help me?. Thanks, SG
  9. Thanks Tom. I repaired the Z height. It was 16' below of "0" origin. The only thing is now in my height and view height, when setting the perspective, I am needing to put 16'+5' (my height)=21' to be able to see it normal. I guess for the next drawing I will should set the "0" origin from the beggining of the drawing.
  10. Thank you Tom and Barkest, the option of the camera is working. But I still would like to be able to do it with the first option Tom says.
  11. Thank you Tom!. I click CMD+0, draw the line in plan view, then the box ask the height; but from there the perspective square in "Empty". I don't see anything in perspective :(.
  12. Hello! I need to learn how to set perspectives?. Can somebody help me?


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