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  1. This all sounds very useful. I too would love to be able to select colours by number just to be able to do so quickly and accurately each time and to know that I have selected the same shade as last time. The Vectorscript looks hopeful but as a complete novice to this aspect of Vectorworks can someone explain how I set it up/ install it? Chris
  2. Thanks for the thoughts Katie. It wasn't that though. I found I had the "Fill" for the object set to "None" in the Object Info pallette. When I set it to "Solid" it worked. Do you know any good books or tutorials on 3D modelling for Architects? Thanks, Chris
  3. I've just started using 3D to construct a model of a house. All going well until I've edited one wing by changing it to another solid addition and now that wing won't display with hidden line removal. The rest of the model will but not that one wing. Anyone any ideas what I may have done wrong? Thanks, Chris
  4. I need to add that it is the updating and then reverting of symbol definitions that is the problem.
  5. Using Vectorworks 9.5.2 work group referencing to reference several drawings into several others eg different flat types into different floor plans. Unfortunately the floor plan does not seem to save the update unfailingly. When I update one flat type reference it updates but then I update a different one, both using "update selected" the first reverts to the previous update. If I "Update from All" neither update. They are marked A for automatic update but this does not work unfailingly.


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