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  1. CTaylor

    Covert Fixture in Vision

    @JFutty90What version of VWX are you using? Also can we see a snapshot of the OIP with the fixture mentioned above selected?
  2. CTaylor

    HELP! Create plot and model view!

    Create Plot and Model View (CPMV) is a way to make it possible to create a Light Plot including vertically hung lighting positions traditionally drawn 'laying down' on the floor per the conventions of drafting a light plot and have these positions and their fixtures editable and also participate correctly located and oriented in a view of the model in 3D. The primary purpose of this approach is to avoid duplications that may disrupt paperwork and quantity takeoffs while still having proper 2D and 3D views. As with any complex problem it is hard to set up but in return for all the work, it is easy to use; repeatedly; iteratively and is customary in design. Having your booms all on one layer can be accomplished by selecting them all at once when you run the CPMV command, but this leads to management inefficiencies when editing them later. I think that it is better for editing to have each lighting position Design Layer Viewport (DLVP) on it's own layer. If they are each on their own layer, then you can take advantage of the double-click behavior afforded by the DLVP in the Light Plot layer. Below is a diagram of the whole thing: btw, have you seen the 3D Label Legend feature, new in Spotlight 2017? This avoids the extra layers of complexity with CPLM setup and lets you 'have it all' as with CPMV, but you would have to eschew 'drafting' the booms laying flat and instead, create your light plot as a 3D model with front views of your DLVPs in the light plot view.


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