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  1. I keep having issues when using the Lighting Instrument insert tool. When I click on the insert light device tool icon in the spotlight palette. After clicking on the icon and then moving to the drop down panel to select a lighting instrument. The programs seems to freeze and lock up on all of my projects. So that I cant get any work done. I have found a work around by navigating to the symbols in the Resource browser. Does anyone else have this issue!
  2. What is the easiest way to update a camera after changing the camera values. Example : If you set a camera and you change the height of the camera and the camera look to height. The camera's current view does not update after the new setting are entered. There is no update camera button in the object info palette. So I was wondering if there is a future plan of adding an camera update button in the object info palette. I have figured out you can de-activate and the re activate the camera in the object info palette. Am I missing something here? Maybe something for future update! I dunno!
  3. I just had a thought about this. IS there a way for vectorworks to make the "REPLACE WITH STOCK SYMBOLS TOOL" to work with speakers so we could just replace the speakers in the array with the new stock symbols.. I know it only works with staging & Truss. Could be helpful in this situation.
  4. To clarify how I imported the new symbols. I think I opened the audio speaker file in the users folder and placed the new symbols in that file.. then imported them from the audio tool set...
  5. Jordan, I understand where you are coming from. But , its still a very useful tool. You may have missed the fact you can import the new symbols and it will take the basic geometry of those boxes. It will not have the rounded corners and extra detail. But it still should provide you with enough information fr drawings.. It will still have a speaker record. My request was to get production renderings a bit more detail. I have been stuck on way too much detail for production renderings for a while. I have always wanted just more detail than was available. Spotlight has had leaps and bounds in the last 10 years...... Be happy you have the tools you do now.
  6. I saw a couple threads concerning locking the palettes in place so that they can not move using multiple monitors. I did not see anyone answer the previous questions. So i thought i would ask again.. Is there a way to lock your palettes when using multiple screens. So that they can not be moved.
  7. Cool ....Thanks guys.. Its just weird cause it has actually worked on accident a couple times. I just dont know how it happened...
  8. I checked that and it is not currently checked in preferences.. I'm looking for this to work with objects....If i click on a light to move the light. I would like to keep the light selected when I release the mouse button.
  9. Is there a way to select an object as normal with left click. Then when you have selected the item ...release the left mouse button and the selected object will follow the curser. Then when you get to new placement location you can left click and it will drop the item. I'm basically looking for a mode or way to not have to hold the left button mouse down while moving objects.
  10. I know right.. i just stent 2 hours trying every way I could imagine as well. I even spoke with the plug-in guy late last year concerning this, But, I was only able to get my old speakers transferred with his instructions. That was helpful as well. I was really bummed when the D&B Fly bar was removed a couple versions ago as well. I used it a lot! I never understand why we gain and loose some tool items particulars from release to release.. I always thought you build up...>>>>LETS UNITE THE AUDIO SPEAKER LIBRARY>>>
  11. I was able to get the new boxes to import. They imported the dimensions and made the regular speaker box. But I'm guessing the tool can not deal with all of the other information in symbols. Since they are not just closed units. I guess if we don't get an answer, I will just have to make a marionette that arrays the symbol correctly.
  12. So since we are getting all of these great new Speaker Manufactures symbols available with 2017 Service Select. How can we import these new items into an array using the Speaker array tool. I have looked around and cant find a solution. There must be a way to add the new service select speaker symbols into the speaker array tool. Anyone know how to do this! It would be super helpful. Example is L Acoustic symbols that where release. I would like to be able to make an array with them using the tool!
  13. I was wondering if there could be a carpet tool for the events section. The tool could have the following items. 1) Stock Carpet Widths & Roll Sizes. 2) Places Data inside object after created. Meaning it will label itself like the Hoist Tool. 3) Can select carpet type from tool 4) Tracks Rolls of Carpet use and Costs 5) Lets you select room and automatically carpets with data inputted. 6) Creates Carpet Report 7) Carpet Layout Tool Would allow you to easily carpet and event where you may use different colors of carpet or material in the event! I know I could use this everyday in the Event world. I would imagine it could be used in the architectural word as well.
  14. Okay. I can see that i was definitely not looking at it the correct way. I should have thought out of the box. So now that Im thinking correctly. What is the best way to get this item into a symbol for that i can place on the drawings that would let me have the option of making an array of them spaced 250mm apart. It would be based on where the string line is as the center. IS it possible to make this into a symbol that I can place on a drawing and then either use 1 item or have it array them based of the 250mm mark where the line is. I hope im asking this the right way. But I totally get using the different tools in ways to make the code. Im going to make a bunch of symbols like this with the same function so this is amazing.. Thanks Lee
  15. Explanation: IM trying to take the attached drawings and learn a bit about scripting or marionette along the way. I have attached a drawings that has a control box on top with a line representing the cable that moves in and out of the control box to lower the LED ball at the bottom. Im trying to figure out a way that I can just enter the balls height and the cable ( Line ) will adjust to fit between the motor and the led ball. It seems like it should be really easy. But i have not figured out the way. Can someone please help me figure out how to make this happen. So is there a way to make this happen. It would b something like the Motors tool in Spotlight. I would just use this to adjust the ball and cable length. Please email me or reply back with any questions. I really want to learn how to do this. It will help me by using an actual object that I can work with like in the drawing. Any help is welcomed SPECIAL SYMBOL.vwx
  16. I was wondering if there was a way to insert our company in place of the Vecorworks logo on the 3D Web views or VR tour Web links. Would make for a great presentation tool.. But would prefer to contain our companys logo! I would say it would maybe still be okay to have a Vectorwork logo if it has to be there. But a place to add ours as well would be okay. However I would prefer to have the choice of which logos are on the display. I did try swapping logos in the output folder of the 3D Files .. But that did not work. By renaming our logo in place of the Vectorworks PNG file in the output folder.
  17. I thought about using the nodes as you mentioned. it just doesn't really help me work out the programming that I'm trying to use for my education. I just converted to Vectorworks a couple years ago. I can make this idea work in auto cad. I was just looking for the solution in vector works. I really dont want to purchase Connect Cad just for the use of the single line symbols. I'm not sure if those symbols would have any functionality without connect cad. If I was to just use one of connect cad schematic blocks.
  18. here is a really quick example.. Its kind of like a connect cad single line symbol I think. I really only need this function for what I'm trying work out. Quick Example.vwx
  19. Thanks for your reply... This is a request really to educate me in the tool. I'm basically looking to make a symbol that can be modified in many ways... If you look at a marionette script its basically looks like what I would like to do.. I would like to select a unit.. input how many ins and outs it has.. Then be able to connect these units juts by clicking on the circles that represent connections and a line would let me connect to the next module.. So its a symbol that can be modified that looks just like a marionette script that when clicking on an input\output it would automatically draw that connection line.. I guess a easier explanation would be a symbol that works just like a marionette programming node that lets me connect to others. or like an electrical symbol but a bit easier with the requirements I set.. does that make sense?.... This is for single line type type of drawing. Console to processor to amplifier to speakers that i can program with marionette. if you are an AV guy!
  20. Im trying too work out a Marionette that will let cables connect to devices. Kind of like a connection point that I will add to symbols. Can anyone explain this in a simpler way. Im basically trying to make a small AV symbol like ConnectCad uses. I just need a simpler version. I m willing to put the time in. I just can figure out how to plan that Marionette.. I have watched all the videos. I just can seem to grasp what i need to start with for this item.. PLEASE HELP
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