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  1. Hello, It would be interesting to implement some country specific route norms like the VSS in Switzerland, but if that is to exigent, I thing we can simply have the dimensions of the vehicle, turning radius and the control of the path curve. Can we do something like this with Marionnette ? Thanks in advance, Bruno Ferraz
  2. Hi guys! I'm developing a projet where I have several situations of sliding windows into walls. Does anyone already have done this? Thanks in advance! Bruno
  3. Hi guys, I'm wondering... does someone has a way to import data from a Excel table to create a database for the note callouts tool? I have an Excel file for each project with all the specifications of each material and it would be nice to find a solution to charge each project descriptions into the vectorworks file. I've tried to export to XML through Excel and also to export as a text file but with no success. Anyone? Thanks in advance Bruno
  4. Hello Christiaan and zoomer! Thank you very much for the explanations! I will try to go on that direction and then I return with a proper file to show to you guys. Once more, Thank you very much Bruno
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to dive into the BIM modeling to create a file for a house for the first time. I would like some help to well address some construction connections in-between some elements. For instance, I have a slab that is normally composed by a structural element with 17cm, then a screed with 10 cm for filling purposes and also underfloor heating and then the finishing that can varies in between 2 and 3 cm. Until now, no worries. I have managed to create the desired connection in between the exterior wall exterior component and the slab with the offset values so that the isolation could descend to the total thickness of the slab. Nonetheless I've encountered two problems. 1# If I have a different finish in between two rooms, how do I resolve this? For instance, in one room the finish layer as 3 cm made with 2cm of screed and 1cm for some tile, and the other room is simple 1cm of cork and 2 of wood pavement. Do I need to create two different slabs? One for each area? 2# Normally the wall that divide this two spaces in my case is made of brick and it's supposed to be constructed directly over the structural slab, so it means that in my case this wall should descend 13 cm to connect with the structural core of the slab. Can any of you guys tell me if you know how to resolve some of this issues? Thanks in advance, Bruno
  6. Dear all, I'm starting to implement BIM in my office finally and I need to know if I can mesure the components of a wall. Currently I have a file with several types of walls and I need to schedule the m2 of the finnishing layer of the walls, like painting or tiles. Is this possible with VW2016? Thanks in advance, Bruno
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