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  1. On several occasions spanning several MC/Vectorworks releases I have had the dropdown for classes in Object Info stop responding. This same drawing behaves normally when loaded into a different machine. Other drawings on the original machine behave as they should. I have had to delete the drawing and load a backup to continue. This has happened in different drawings. I have not exceeded the max # of classes. ??
  2. I have experienced this problem in several previous versions. I am currently using Architect and it still happens. I haven't found a cause or solution. Any ideas out there?
  3. You may have to use a third party add-on such as MCnurbs or 3D Manager. Go to add on products page and check them out. Unfortunately they are not free.
  4. I've had good results from their support. They patiently helped my try to resolve a rendering problem and continued to try to find a solution after I was ready to give up. Did you try to contact them by email or fax? I assume it didn't work after a second try at installation.
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