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  1. Hi Pat Thank you for the offer - but I think I have figured out what it is. It is when I add plants in a 'landscape area' to the plant list.... But even though I have identified the problem, I still cannot figure out how to get the '0' item out (something to do with the poly line around the area maybe??). The landscape area is also causing me a whole lot of other headaches. (I am used to doing planting plans with a single list and individual plants - not mass planting with separate lists). I cannot edit the size of the plant in the plant list or add any comments or notes (for only the plants in the landscape areas) - it either does not let me edit the schedule or allows me to add a note but then when I click off it it disappears. Thank you again for any further help if you can figure out what I am doing wrong!.
  2. Thank you Pat That has helped a great deal. I have made it work by setting different classes for different areas. It may be quicker with a poly but I get a random '0' entry on the plant list when I do it this way that I cannot get rid of.. do you have an idea what it is picking up when I do this? - I cannot select and identify the item. Thank you, Melanie
  3. I am trying to figure out to place a separate plant list on each sheet I have created. I am creating a planting plan over a wide area that is being broken down into smaller areas - each on their own sheet. I need several plant lists, one for each viewport on individual sheets. Then a master list to show the total plants for the entire project. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Thank you, that sounds like a good idea. I will give that a go. Melanie
  5. Thank you Tim I don't do any 3d modeling with the plants so that is indeed the case with some of them (now you point that out - thank you). So at least that gives me a heads up with which ones in particular to avoid when mass planting. It is not the case with the other symbols though.. so still not sure what that is about. But greatly appreciate your feedback. Melanie
  6. Also - further to the above... Could someone do an experiment for me? And let me know your results. SAVE ALL WORK FIRST Open a new document Select: Plant -108 (a green strappy looking one) Amend the plant to be 1m spread at 1m spacings Select the rectangular array mode and draw a 20m x 20m square box. (400 plants) And let me know if it locks up you computer? It locked mine up for 5 minutes. This way I will know if it is just me or not. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi all I have been using Vectorworks landmark for a few years and since the 2014 upgrade (I am using 2015 now) I have had huge difficulty creating landscape plans when mass planting and using over say 50 plant symbols in one go. Sometimes I need to indicate an area of a couple of hundred plants and the computer glitches. It locks up for sometimes over 10mins... it is still working on the command as I have waited once or twice and it does come right eventually! (The screen blanks out and says Vectorworks is not responding in the mean time) But if I ever amend that plant name or plant area it locks up again. I could use the plant area tool but I need the graphic representation of the plant symbols for the clients plans. I have tried getting rid of gradients, hatches and shadows as this seems to slow things down - but still no luck. The computer I am using is 2 years old so it shouldn't be that affecting the speed ( I am assuming). I am on Windows 8.1, Dell computer, Processor: Intel Core i7-477OS Ram: 8GB ... I am not sure if that is helpful. Has this happened to anyone else? As I cannot find any info about it online. Any suggestions/answers would be appreciated.


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