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  1. We have just been testing IFC export from VW 2012 to Revit 2012 and 2013. It still doesn't seem to work. The IFC files open perfectly in Solibri and Tekla Bimsight. The solution we use now is to export each layer to a separate DWG file (only 3d) and let the constructionengineer import it in Revit. I know the IFC data is lost, but the constructor uses our 3d model to trace it's construction, walls, beams and so on. I don't know if IFC's from Tekla or Archicad import correct in Revit.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Sure, my question was rhetorical though really Bohdan. I don't seriously expect to find architects who:

    1. Work under design-build contracts

    2. Work on social housing

    3. Work with highly constrained dense urban sites

    4. And do all this by deriving their production information from a 3D model in Vectorworks

    Well, we also do 1,2 and 3. Number 4 is in the works. I've done two office buildings as "little BIM" but a lot of elements need to be custom made (especially windows and roofs). I sure hope VW will response to this thread as it looks more and more people are looking at other software options. I already had a look at Archicad as well, roofs look great (a part which we really need if we want to create social housing in 3d in the Netherlands). Let's hope for some good news when 2012 comes out here in the Netherlands.

  3. I agree with Christiaan here. I also think that Nemetschek should get their tools right so we can efficiently create our 3d model/2d output. The rooftool is one of the tools that needs to be addressed right now (servicepack anyone :-) ). This tool hasn't changed in years.

    On topic,

    Although I haven't had any experience with storeys (dutch version coming out in January probably) reading this thread allready gives me the feeling that it's not a great addition (yet?) and we can better work with layers for the time being.

  4. So while you can fake this. What happens when you want to change the roof, you have to do a lot of actions before it looks allright again. I've downloaded a trial version of Archicad, while this is not really the program I prefer right now, the rooftool is much better in my opinion. You can even set components!! I don't understand why Nemetschek haven't upgraded this fundamental tool after all these years!

    I hope this will be addressed to in a service pack release so we don't have to wait another year....

  5. @Christiaan, it's called the BIM Experience kit. You can download it here: https://trialregistration.graphisoft.com/

    @Jeffrey, good to hear you are working on it. There's one thing about this board that bothers me. You can't search for three letter words like "ifc" and "bim". As for the projects you mentioned, I downloaded them both but maybe a simpler office building would be nice as well. As for the "BIM" I want to use, it's would be a 3d data model, which will incorporate ifc elements from a structural engineer (from another company that works with Bentley). Also I want to be able to create all 2d drawings (floorplans, facades, sections) from the same 3d model. I hope this works out...

  6. IFC? Right! Well there's some work to be done still, but VW2009 seems already more capable then VW2008 (which I'm using at the moment, my boss doesn't want to upgrade due to the economic climate, but that's a different topic). Regarding BIM, it would be nice to have more samples at the Nemetschek homepage. Maybe a simple officebuilding or some kind. It would also be nice to have a tutorial like ArchiCAD (cough) has with it's Frank Lloyd Wright house! I think that is a good way to let people experience how it's like to make a BIM model. At the moment there aren't any tutorials or classes (at least not in the Netherlands) that teach you how to make such a model.

  7. Thanks for the response I will use your first method, although, like you said, it could be much simpler.

    I'll leave it here and start putting my energy in building/testing the rest of the model.

    I sure do hope that these issues will be solved before we update to 2009.

  8. Hi Jeffrey,

    Duplicate as well as copy/paste doesn't seem to do the trick, so I think it is a bug.

    I tried to reset the GUID but that doesn't work either. So even though every column has it's own unique GUID it's not working. Thanks for the help though.


  9. Jeffrey, hereby I send you the VW model (just a floor and three columns). I modeled one column, converted it to an ifc entity and duplicated this. When exported the ifc model only has one column instead of three. Only when I manually model all columns everything is exported. So I can't use copy-paste. Hope you can help me out.



    PS. Petri, do you have any experience with these kinds of columns in combination with ifc? If so maybe you would be so kind to help me out? I will also contact our local distributor which makes pio's for the dutch market as well. Thanks for all the response!

  10. Thanks for the quick reply, I will try the pillar tool although I don't think you can make a v-shaped column (ie. \/ ). I will check exporting from my 2009 demo version. Let's hope this will work or else I'll stick to 3d dwgs.

  11. Hello all, I'm currently working on a project that involves exchanging data through the .ifc format. It seems I can't search for three letter words on this forum so forgive me if this is asked already.

    I made a symbol of a vshaped column (extruded polygon), I converted this in an ifc entity and gave it a "column" property, so far so good. When I export this single column it works out allright. But when I make duplicates (either through duplicate, or copy-paste), the other columns are not exported, is this a bug? If anyone could help me out? Thanks in advance,


    Peter van der Elst

    VW2008 Architect SP3, Mac OS X 10.5.6

  12. Thanks for the quick reply. We currently use Fundamentals but we're about to upgrade to Architect. Another thing. Although the Nemetschek IFC viewer works good through Parallels under OS X, are you planning to release a native OS X program as well? I am now evaluating the Solibri viewer and it looks good! There are a lot of programs listed with that program except for Vectorworks, but maybe that will change in future releases. Again if someone could share some experiences with VWA and BIM I would be thankfull.



  13. Hello, I work for a small architectural firm in the Netherlands. We're about to start a project that will use the BIM method. I read through the Nemetschek pages about BIM and was wondering where I can find this plugin. I also would like to know if there are people on this forum that have any experience with BIM and Vectorworks. The forum search engine can't seem to find a lot about this subject.

    Thanks in advance.


    Peter van der Elst

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  14. So no rotated plan view in Fundamentals!!!!!???? That is stupid. Could you also please change the new 2008 features for Fundamentals on you new site, so it reflects what's truely added. In the list shown is also the classible walls, etc. That doesn't match what says in the features matrix you can download as well.



  15. All right Katie, you've got my attention now! As I said earlier, I just have to wait a little longer, but some teasers are always welcome! The HUD, obj selection highlight, move by points and selection of more then one symbol in a wall all sound great! Could you give any insight on importing more than one image at the time? Is this possible then? This would be a great timesaver for us, since we sometimes use Vectorworks for making presentation books as well!

    Thanks again!



  16. Another reality check for us Fundamental users... Will classifiable wall sections be part of the Fundamentals? When looking at the new features, I'm not quite sure which ones are for the fundamental version. I mean are there enough reasons to upgrade this version as well. How about standard .3ds and .pdf export with fundamentals, etc. ? Could you give any insight in this Katie? Will there be a list available with all changes per version?

    Thanks in advance!


    Peter van der Elst

    Bias Architects

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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