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  1. Did you put all the different components in it's own class before creating the autohybrid? I made different classes per component/material and assigned it to the separate 3dcomponents before creating the hybridobject. It seems to work here.

  2. Full 3d perspective is indeed welcome!

    And I agree with DWorks, there's much focus on lighting design. I know that the new tools apply to architecture as well, but for teasers I would have shown an architectural example as well. The rendering stuff doesn't do me much (Arroway Textures etc.) as I render with V-ray in sketchup but it will probably please a lot of people. Anyway, my focus will be on the architectural tools and I hope there's some new and exciting news on that front. As I said earlier, the demo I got from Archicad sure got me thinking...

  3. In the comparing matrix, it says that Revit LT doesn't have design options? I don't know, but that a big miss then... BTW. you can download the trial from the same day they launch VW2013, coincidence :-)

    On the site:

    Note: the trial for Autodesk Revit LT will be available on September 18, 2012...

    I'd rather go for the full package or Archicad.

  4. Vincent C: Yes I also have the same experience with Archicad. But with the new addition of the morph tool in version 16, I think you can also get better 3d modelling capabilities. Haven't tried this version yet (still no trial?).

    Thanks for the reply! (of moet ik zeggen bedankt!) (off-topic I'm also a MSc TU Delft :) ).

    On topic. I'm also curious about VW 2013 and what it will do with all the complaints I have been reading here lately. Still no teaser videos ? :-)

  5. Did you setup your slabs correct? ie. the boundary per component set for inside wall for instance? Don't know the exact english word, I'm using dutch. But the wall seems to cut in the slab and the slab cuts the wall.

    I hope I explained it clear enough? Good luck!

  6. Could it be because the Library folder is hidden? I know you can unhide it through the terminal app. When you type " chflags no hidden ~/Library " the Library is visible again in Finder. Maybe this could solve it? Use this command at your own risk (I have used it on several computers and haven't had any problems, this is in OS X Lion).


  7. I've downloaded the revit 2013 trial as well. Running it under VMFuse. It runs well I think. I just downloaded it because I wanted to try to import an ifc file ( which failed ;-) ). When I have some time this week I'll give the whole program a try though. Have you also tried Archicad? Btw. About BIM strategy, anyone understands the difference between the Vectorworks Cloud Service and the Cadfaster plugin? Seems almost the same. I haven't read any stories about users actually using VW Cloud. Is it worth the money?

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