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  1. There shouldn't be a limitation on a student version. The student version should be the "full-blown" version of VW 2015, only with a watermark stamp. Hard to learn VW when there are such limitations!
  2. Attached, please see the screenshot of the Wall Preferences dialog box with no ok button to actually create a unique wall type. I can name all the wall components and create the wall component attributes. Then I can name the new wall type with the Assign Name dialog box and then hit the ok button for this, which brings me back to the Wall Preferences dialog box with no ok button to complete the process. I am going exactly as suggested within the Jonathan Pick tutorial book and CD videos, which has an ok button to complete the task. Any ideas?
  3. I am going through the Jonathan Pickup , Vectorworks Architect tutorial book and I am in the area of creating a new wall style...just a random exterior wall of my own, with random standard exterior wall components. I have downloaded Vectorworks 2015 and I am using the architect palette. I am following along the Pickup tutorial, by creating a new exterior wall of my own, as shown in the tutorial book, I list and plug-in all the wall components, thicknesses, classes all other required attributes in the Edit Wall Style and Wall Preference dialog boxes and I then give a name for the new exterior wall in the Assign Name dialog box. I then click ok in the Assign Name dialog box, which brings me back the Wall Preferences dialog box, which simply does not have an ok button to accept and create this random exterior wall. The pickup tutorial book and cd video has this ok button and with this, can create a unique wall style. I simply cannot create a unique wall style.
  4. Hello, I have Vectorworks 2015 "Student Version. I am trying to create various wall styles. I am able to follow through all the steps within the Wall Preferences dialog box and then, when I assign a style name to the wall within the Assign Name dialog box and select ok within, this then sends me back to the Wall Preferences dialog box, where there is simply no ok button to complete the task. The enter button is of no use. I am unable to create new wall styles. Any ideas? AB
  5. I think I figured it out: Select check-mark at desired wall component within the Wall Preferences dialog box to identify structural wall core. Then when drawing walls...at the wall tool options, select: Core Component Control Line Mode to justify wall lay-out and dimensioning to the structural wall core previously identified within the Wall Preferences dialog box.
  6. Hello Everyone, Situation: 2x4 interior partition with 1/2-inch thick gypsum board on each side. Total wall thickness = 4 1/2-inches. Structural framing thickness = 3 1/2-inches. Question: How to lay-out and dimension interior partition wall to the structural framing thickness, instead of the finished wall thickness. Thank you, AB
  7. I believe that I figured-out how to set a dimension style. It is accomplished by: Dim Std.>Custom Standards>Edit Custom Dimension Standard dialog box>Text Style selection box, once a Text Style has been developed, which is shown in the Vectorworks Architect tutorial book.
  8. Hello Everyone, Problem: 2D drawing elevation drawing of a double-hung window. Drawing an elevation of a 6/6 double-hung window elevation with each sash having muntin bars that have a grille pattern of 3 horizontal and 2 vertical (resulting in each sash having 6 glass panels) Each muntin bar is 3/4-inches in width. Having drawn the window elevation and trying to create the muntin bar/grille pattern...I calculated the spacing mathematically and subtracted the total muntin bar width to place the muntin bars, as required to acheive equal glass panels in the window sash...yes I know, this is one way (labor intensive and tedious). I understand that there is a Vectorworks tool that allows you to draw one 3/4-inch wide muntin bar and then select the number required to be placed, as required, to achieve equal glass panels. Is anyone familiar with this tool and procedure? Thank you, AB
  9. I believe that I may or maynot know how to set-up a dimension standard and what the step-by-steps are. I can't set a standard for text, but I don't believe that I see anything specifically for dimension standards, which locks a text style to the dimension used. That problem that I currently am having is that everytime that I place a dimension, I have to edit it from the Object Info Palette to match the text notes. I'm sure its something very obvious and simple. As with text (Format Text), there doesn't seem to be a Format Dimensions dialog box. Thank you, AB
  10. Thank you, Alan...I'll try what you have suggested. AB


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