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  1. Hi guys, Im looking for ways to export a sheet with XYZ positions of different objects like 2d planes & 3d cubes and other non-fixture and non-rigging objects. Looking into using the label system. Does anyone have a great idea for this?
  2. Dear forum. I´m searching for a way to rigg a projector top-down with the video screen tool. Since rotating hybrid objects in 3D is not an option in VW, I´ve played around within the screen plugin parameters. It seems that using "screen tilt" (value of 90), then "projector tilt" (value of -90), presents a new challenge og the projector not being placed in "center of screen", as the plugin default states. Working on from that, any "specific shift" value getting close to my goal of getting the projector centered, will prompt me with a VW warning "parameters beyond limits". I have yet to dive in the sea of editing scripts myself and I do hope theres and more accessible way to fix this that scripting. So.. any of you good people of the web have an idea how best to get around this? Thanks a bunch! - Frederik Heitmann
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