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  1. Thanks for your help Marissa! In the revision you've attached, the object node works except when you try to change the frame and sash. I'm assuming the dim nodes titled Frame and Sash need to be connected to the origin in order to center under the original rectangle, or perhaps by somehow using the center point output of the getRectangle node. This is why I had posted on the other thread about centering/aligning etc., it seems like there would be some unnecessary scripting involved in getting the rectangles to align responsively.
  2. Has anybody encountered a situation in which the script works the same when it's in a wrapper, but differently when the wrapper is converted into an object node? I'm testing out marionette and trying to put together a very rudimentary tool for 2d window elevations, and when I wrap this script and then convert to an object node, it starts to behave differently. I think it has something to do with the origin input in the very beginning but am not sure.
  3. I posted erroneously in General Discussion- looking for nodes to arrange/distribute/align.
  4. Also, same question with align/distribute.
  5. How to send to back/perform any other arrange functions in marionette? I'm trying it out today and can't find an "arrange" node or anything similar.
  6. I'm drawing a wall that needs components that can be turned on and off regularly throughout the project. I have a wall of 5 1/4" thickness that I will show as framed (3 1/2) by turning off my wall finish class. The issue: doors in this wall are showing a line at the jamb that assumes the wall finishes are still showing- thus, a 5 1/4" line at the jamb on a 3 1/2" wall. I've turned off every class in 2d vis/classes except door leaf and swing and still can't get that line to go away. How can I get rid of it?
  7. Why are only a select few of my layers allowing me the option to create spaces from walls as a source layer?
  8. It seems that the text formatting options in a worksheet are rather limited. I'd like to reformat the "unit size" column in my worksheet to hyphenate between feet and inches- in the font I use, the dimension reads more clearly as 2'-7 5/8" rather than 2'7 5/8". Is it possible to do so without copying cells as raw text? Or, I might do fine just to increase the tracking, although that doesn't seem to be an option in a worksheet cell.
  9. You did answer my question- it won't be possible to override a database with blank rows, since such a row wouldn't be tied to an object. Thanks again for a fast and helpful response, this forum is proving to be quite an asset.
  10. Another question relating to this- now that I'm using the summarize/sort buttons, I'm unable to manually add/delete rows as necessary. I'd like to add rows (for notes) below the reformatted data, but whenever I insert a row, I'm unable to drag it to the bottom of the worksheet. Any tips?
  11. Worked like a charm- that summary button isn't so intuitive at first glance but is greatly helpful. Thanks guys.
  12. This probably has a very obvious solution, but today is my first time working with schedules on vectorworks and I haven't figured it out yet. Say I have about 5 door/window types and they all repeat throughout the project. How do I go about setting up the schedule to just show the type, without repeating that line however many times the element is repeated in the project? I just want to have a schedule with those 5 types and be able to adjust parameters in the schedule and have them apply all elements of that type.
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