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  1. I have checked the classes and everything looks good!! I can open up other Label Legends and the text is there. If I create a new label legend is when the text is gone. As for the purge command!! Don't you think that it is a problem that a feature of the program doesn't work properly!! Is this going to get fixed?? Again I ask, does 10 fix many of the day to day bugs that I encounter! ERIC
  2. I am currently using VW 9.5.3 with OS 10.2.6. The number of problems that pop up on a random basis is far too many to document. Small and easily fixed by a simple quit still a huge nuisance. Many problems tend to be part of the Label Legend manager. Anything from data not appearing, to ALL of the Label Legends disappearing from the Label Legend Folder in the Resources!! Currently I am stuck with not being able to create a new Label Legend due to the TEXT does not appear in the Layout window. I have a plot that needs to be out by tomorrow and won?t due to a BUGGY application. What gives with all of the problems? I have tried deleting the preference and rebooting. Does VW 10 fix the problems that still exist in 9.5.3? Is Nemetschek going to address these issues or is 9.5.3 a lost cause? Is 10 worth a try?? ERIC
  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! That is a hell of a place to put it!!! ERIC
  4. How do I turn the sound off on the SMART CURSOR CUES. I once had it turned off and it has somehow reappeared. ERIC
  5. Figured it out!! I had a corrupt Preference file. Trashed my VW pref and all seems to be fine. THANKS for the HELP ERIC
  6. Yet again I am having problems with the Lable Legend and the TEXT STYLE. When you select BOLD you get UNDERLINE. When you select UNDERLINE you get BOLD. Today when I select UNDERLINE I get BOLD & UNDERLINE all in one!! When is this problem going to get fixed?????? Eric
  7. Sorry Try again. I have tried several different Fonts and all do the same thing. When I select BOLD it does nothing now. When I select Underline or Italic I end up with ITALIC/UNDERLINE and BOLD.
  8. Graphite Lite ATT and Graphite Lite Narrow ATT
  9. I would hope for a Font Class option. A few different preset Font groupings. Kind of like regular classes but just for Fonts. Also a way that the Layer Colors would appear either as the NAME of the Layer or in the ICON next to the name on the LAYER PULL DOWN MENU.
  10. I am unable to print out of VW. I have VW 9.5.3, on a Dual 1Ghz, 640mb RAM w/ 10.2.3. A Lexmark Optra E312L. When I try to print everything seems fine. Just nothing comes out. No errors, nothing. My Data light blinks for a moment. VW spools the file extremely quick for the size of drawing. Not sure what the problem is. The page size is set to 8 1/2 x 11. The printer is selected. Not a clue. I was able to print when I launched the app in OS 9. Just a pain and I don't have all of my fonts in 9.
  11. The "tricky" part is what I am talking about!!! I am currently trying to set the Color/Channel/Unit Number of a Fixture inside a PAR 64. I have nudged myself to death!!! A nudge hear and a nudge there. The labels will not end up in the center of the light!! They end up on the edges. My BIG question is what is the reference point in the LABEL LEGEND MANAGER. Is it the center of the unit???
  12. I am done with this thing!!! I have had so many problems with this one aspect of vectorworks. 1. the entire Bold/Underline thing. I have read about this from many people and xperienced it myself. I hope that the latest patch that was just released has fixed this problem. 2. the Placement of text in the Label Setup. I found that I could insert the Symbol that the Label Legend was for to better place the text. Well this works only about 5% of the time. Recently I have been trying to Nudge text around only to see it move to the other side of the symbol in a single bound. I guess that I am a little confused as to how the placement of text is determined. I was under the impression that the Symbol has a "origin" and the text is placed in reference to that "origin" on the plot. You tell me. Am I nuts or what!!! ERIC
  13. WOW!!! Do I feel dumb!! Somehow I did flip a switch. I figued out the problem and learned a little lesson in the meanwhile.
  14. I am currently working on a drawing that has 8 Layers. Recently however I am able to Select any item from any layer. A strange thing that happens is if the item is not on the current layer it is surrounded by clear Squares instead of Darkend squares. I am wondering if through all of my fumblings I accidently flipped a switch and didn't realize it.
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