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  1. Hi there thanks for your reply. I saved it in the folder that appeared when saving the template. There was already a Default file in there so thought it would be the one that VW opens when creating a new drawing?!?. I will try to resave in teh user folder if there are any of teh same folders in there.

  2. Hi there I am trying to save a new drawing template so that the layer scale is 1:1 when opening a new drawing. I have opened a new drawing and changed the scale of the design layer to 1:1 then saved as template and over written the default one following the file path but when I open new drawing it still has the design layer at 1:50!!! Any help much appreciated.

  3. Hi there I was wondering if I can change the default attributes to say a dimension tool. When I use the radial dimension tool it always has the leader aligned to the dimension. I always have to go and change the alignment to horizontal and I also like the arrows inside checked. I would love to make this the default when using the tool.

  4. I have a drawing which crashes my copy of Vectorworks fundamentals 2018 sp2 on export or publish every time and roughly at teh same point during the export process. I urgently need to export this drawing for a job which is onsite and contractors are waiting for this information. The drawing has referenced vectorworks drawings which were created in 2017 but have since been opened and saved in 2018. I am trying to export a drawing sheet not design layers. Not sure if this information helps. Any help would be greatly received at the moment.


    I have attached a crash report if that helps.

    Crash report for Vectorworks 2018.pdf

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