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  1. I'm having trouble with some drawing files I'm working on. I created a model of a duplex in VWA9.5 and Workgroup Referenced it to a DTM file. I then created two groups of layer links to place the building on the site at differernt elevations and orientations. No problem so far... But now I'm trying to upgrade the drawing files to VW10/RW to create a rendered site model. I opened the model in VW 10.1.0 and assigned textures, etc... still no problem. The problem comes when I try to pull the updated model into the Site model file. It tells me that the referenced drawing is an older version and I should open it and resave. Okay. So I save the VW10 file with the same name from within VW (the program tracked the file if I tried to do it in the Finder) Now when I try to update the reference, I expect to get a "Unexpected Error" and I'm done So what am I doing wrong? The files are fairly large. (the model is 9.4M, and the site model is 1.7M) could that have anything to do with it? I'm also saving the files across an ethernet connection to a file server. Thanks, Tom Ti-book G4 667 Mac OS X.2.6 VWA 9.5.3 VW/RW 10.1.0
  2. I am a new Vectorworks user running VWA9 on an iMac DV. I am looking to buy a plotter, and I want to make sure I get something that is compatible with Vectorworks and my Macintosh. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for? I'd really like an "entry level" plotter, and I don't want to spend too much on it.
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