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  1. Thanks, for that it worked!!!!
  2. Hi All I am trying to create a map with over 100 different properties, I have drawn all the individual properties as polygons and have attached record information ie, Name, Address, Zone, Area etc. I need to be able to pull all the individual property information onto a worksheet. Is there a way of selecting each polygon and its associated record data and put each polygon data onto a separate row? Or do I need to turn each polygon into a symbol? VW Architect 9.5.3, OS X 10.2.8, G4 (Dual) 867mhz , 1.2GB (Ram) seeIT javascript:void(0)
  3. Hi I am trying to export a VW file to dxf file and the 3dloci ponts are not exporting. I need the points in a xyz format. Is there a work around for this problem? Thanks in advance Jonathan
  4. seeIT

    Extruded Contours

    HI katie I have two Mac work stations on running OS 9 which is running VW 9.5.1 and the other is running OSX 10.2.3 which is running VW 9.5.3. I have tried the extruded contours on both systems and I get the same error message. SeeIT
  5. Extruded contours could not be created due to SubtractSolid giving a non-zero result. Perhaps there is a very steep wall in a depression. Error codes:112,1 I receive the above error when trying to create extruded contours, will this error create issues when I try to use other site modifiers. ie roads, pads etc. If so is there a way that I can analyse my data to find out where the problem may be occurring. Note I I do not receive errors when my DTM view options are set to Triangles. Mac G4 / 533 MHz / RAM 640mb/ Mac 0S9 & OSX SeeIT
  6. When using the Station on Polyline command all my stake objects for my DTM disappear Can some one tell me where they go? VW9.5.1 MAC OS9
  7. Could some body tell which release of VW9.5 is best to run in OS9.2.
  8. Limitations with DTMs Mac G4 / 533 MHz / RAM 640mb/ Mac 0S9 & OSX Could some one tell me if VWlandmark 9.5 or VW Architect 9.5 have limitations with their DMT capabilities. I have been trying to create a DTM of approx. 800 x500m with 200mm contours. I have used both the check 3d polygons and Filter the data to reduce the data to the minimum amount, but have been unable to generate a DTM. In desperation I managed to generate a simple model at 1m contours in VW 9.0 this is still very inconsistant that is it seems nearly impossible to modify the base data and regenerate the DTM in the same file with out a crash or error. I have been forced to copy the base information into a new file and use VW 9 to ceate the modified model. I have also been unable to sucssefully use any of the site modifiers which constantly generate errors. Is VW DTM capable / designed to generate complex models or world I be better of trying alternative software? Another question does the create texture bed comand always generate a flat surface or can it change the properties of a of a part of the DTM ie changes in surface, ie grass to soil Regards, SeeIT
  9. PROCESSOR= 533SYSTEM = OS9.2.2RAM= 640VW ArciLand 9.5 & 9.5.1VWLandmnark 9.5 When I create a new document using Setup Assistant (SA). SA work fine for the the during the setup but when you go back into SA to add more sheets I get the following Error: Setup Assistant must be run on a Steup Assistant Template or templates/Documents derived from the Setup Assistant Template. does anybody know what may be casing this?
  10. How about a PDF document that allows you to view all the symbols and tells them where they are. From this you would be able to search the pdf document to locate the appropriate symbol. NOTE this would be used in conjunction with the existing object browser as a reference. ie. To help those people who do not have a photographic memory!!
  11. I agree!!! It would be ideal if you could export all your sheets to one dwg file.
  12. Is it possible to save different project plant lists i.e. residential plants, re-veg, native. etc. Which I can then recall in diffrent drawings? Currently as I understand we have to create a new project plant list for each file. This means you have to go through the process of assigning plant data to symbols for each project.
  13. seeIT

    Viewing DTM's

    I have created a simple DTM VW archland. It seemed to work well but Ican't seem to view it in either 2D or 3D. I have tried the comand VIEW - SHOW OR HIDE EXISTING DTM but no luck. I can see that the DTM has been created in the object browser (note that this has no preview) when I try to import the symbol I can see the DTM out line but when inserted I see nothing.


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