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  1. is there a way to import .3dmf files into VectorWorks 8.0.1? Thanks
  2. thanks for the tips.. I am not sure if the 90$ translator worths its price.. I mean: you can do it by the save as .pict in the claris cad and import it into VectorWorks. The pict file saved by clariscad saves individual objects, patterns, tex etc.. (with some limitations as line thickness). But what I was looking for is a direct import from VW.. I have around 2000 ClarisCad files and I dont want to translate all of them into another kind...before import them into VW ... imagine the work of the whole process.... open all the individual files... save them as pict dxf or whatever and then import them into VW.
  3. Is there an easy way to import ClarisCad files into VectorWorks 8.0.1 directly.. I mean, without having to save the claris cad to PICT before? Thanks 7Parella
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