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  1. Hello everyone, I have come across several issues in terms of site modelling. Basically, I have created a site model using DTM data from digimap. After having created it, I noticed several discontinuous contours in a 2D view. When I hover above the contour, the entire one seems to be created, it's just not displayed properly. I have tried to look for a graphic setting but I couldn't find anything. They're all visible when I choose the 2D option with coloured elevations. Is there anyone who had a similar issue ? Does anyone happen to know how to make all the contours continuous ? Also, is there any way to extract the contours from the site model's 2D view ? I would be extremely grateful for any answers, Adam
  2. hey guys i have an issue with the site model i created. basically, i created a site model using terrain tools and then roads. they are visible as solid subtraction. right now i am trying to fit the model on top of the site. currently, when i put the site modifier on the site model and update it, it works fine but the thing is, the solid subtraction with polygons cover the actual site model. because of that the changes on the site model are not visible. do you think is there any way to apply site modifier to solid subtraction ? or maybe there is a different way around ? i would be grateful for any responses! adam
  3. I have already redone the section viewport several times, no difference though. I will try restarting vectorworks though
  4. I meant that the layer and classes of the site on which building is situated are on. sorry for confusion
  5. Hello everyone I'm using Vectorworks 2015 at university. I have created a site model and then I referenced a housing model using viewports. Now when I'm trying to create a section viewport that cuts through both the site and the model appears empty - a rectangle with a red cross in it. I have checked the visibility of the layers/classes and the 'save viewport cache' function is turned on. Does anyone know what can be an issue ? It worked perfectly fine at the beginning with a first model though. I saved the model under a different name with a few changes and referenced it back - the same way as the previous one. I'm using MacBook Pro 13, mid 2014 - the basic version Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated! Thanks guys
  6. Thank you for such a prompt response! I'm downloading the driver and hopefully it will work flawlessly. Thanks once again.
  7. Ah yes, I will add it in a sec! I've got Sony Vaio VPCSE1E1E Windows 7 64bit, 8GB RAM, intel core i5 2.4GHz, AMD Radeon HD 6330M
  8. Hey everyone! I've just downloaded the Service Pack 1 hoping it will resolve my problem. Everything works perfectly fine until I want to resize the vectorworks' window. It just crashes. Every time I try to maximize/minimize the window, there's a several seconds lag and then the pop up 'vectorworks stopped working'. what can cause it ? I cannot work properly on my uni project. Any thoughts/suggestions ? thanks!
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