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  1. Hi, I cannot find a lot of new info for the G license for 2015, and client installations (how to install over 50 pc's at once). What I really like to see (as a system administrator) are changes in the computer-network uses of vectorworks. Is this done in vw2015 ? I. The need for only One license-server for all versions (architect, designer etc) now I need a few (physical ) servers all with one USB key and a specific license server (architect, designer etc). The only physic server we have are hosts for virtual servers. Normally we do not have anything else ?working? on a host server for virtual servers. II. And the possibility to run this program (RLM manager) in a virtual environment (Hyper-v), this is a possibility of RLM, only disabled by Nemetschek. III. Or better as I and II , no USB key?s anymore, only a license file, all in one web based network license (as ESRI or Autodesk) IV. A network installer (and updater) for the clients IVb. with option files for storing all settings on the server (all clients to start with the same settings). Options to install the help files and shared libraries on a network location. V. When opening a file in a new version of vw, a option to update the file without making a (copy)backup of the old file (we already making network backups, no need for all drawings be double on the network disk (a old and a new one)). Thanks Teun


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