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  1. For dimensions it would be really nice to be able to edit text in the selected dimension's object info palette, as you do with any regular text. At present we can only use the drop down text menu.
  2. How do I get building section viewports on design layers so I can do wall sections & section details on a separate 1:10 or 1:20 layer over top of the design layer with the section viewport. There are several issues: 1] Why can't the section viewport have the same control options as when it is on a sheet layer - particularly to retain its render mode? 2] I found I can do a "saved view" to save the render mode of the section viewport on the design layer, but this seems a very convoluted way to work. 3] What are the best settings for the section viewport on the design layer [when using it as a background for a detail section] ? With "hidden line" many edge lines still don't seem to show up. On a sheet layer I can do a foreground render to show lines for all surface edges, but that is not an option on a sheet layer.
  3. Site model set up with ortho photo set into 3d terrain model.


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