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  1. See also: https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=40822&Number=202852#Post202852 Another great option for the Sheets & Layers navigation palette would be a separator option within the list. This would allow breaking up the layer / sheet layer list into categories. See screen shots. My present method is to make a layer or sheet that is empty, so that the name of the layer / sheet is the separator. This could also be similar to the way sub-classes are nested with the rotating arrow "button".
  2. Sometimes my work flow wants the class/layer duplication to automatically show in the same viewports as the original, sometimes not. So to be able to choose on each occasion would be valuable to me. Perhaps both types of workflow can be accommodated in the update.
  3. I use it both ways - it would be nice to have a pop-up option to automatically add to viewports, or not, whichever is preferred. Or it could be file/document set up preference. Same for duplicate classes.
  4. Yes please! Like setting transparency levels in the attribute palette for regular shapes, or it could be a slider/percent button in the object info palette.
  5. We tried a new viewport and the same thing happened. I will upload the file for you to review - thanks! Pls advise how to upload / send file to you.
  6. Doing 2D details and need to draw gravel &drain rock. A few versions back I could apply a tilable symbol to a polygon using the Tile command. Can't find it in Vectorworks2014. Vectorworks had a series of built-in symbols (i.e. rocks, small rocks, large rocks etc). They could be "tiled" to fill a polygon. It would be a shame if Vectorworks did away with this feature. Does it still exist and am I missing something?
  7. My problem is a Polyline rendering shows two versions in same viewport: correct way and what seems to be a version in screen plane Sequence: 1. polyline smoothed using bezier curve is drawn in layer plane on design layer 2. using orbit, an orthogonal 3D view is created 3. rendering is set to shaded polygon 4. a viewport is created to capture the 3D shot 5. in sheet layer, the viewport comes in with the red dashed border indicating a need for update 6. when updated, the polyline appears both in the correct 3D position as well as a screen position, even though the polyline is assigned to the layer plane; all other objects behave as expected for the 3D view 7. converting the polyline to a polygon works, but adds hundreds of vertices, making the polygon next to useless for editing later. Any ideas why this would happen? Thx.
  8. Question: Is there a Vectorworks setting to control that a symbol made from 2D linework will stay as a 2D element? The problem: My vw2014 SP4 is acting up: when I create a symbol from any 2D shape, vectoworks creates it as a 3D symbol out of the 2D linework — and if I enter the symbol to edit the 2D component there is nothing there. I am in Top/Plan view and working on the layer plane. Have logged out, restarted etc… tried in a new file with same results. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks!
  9. The dimension tools could use that option also, both the right click option, and tho be able to edit text font, size, etc in the object info palette, rather than just from the pull down menu.
  10. Not sure how classes would not resolve it, as I can easily make the section markers on a class of my choosing, or they could be given a default class, such as "section markers" in the way that a dimension has its own "dimension" class. Anyway Jim, thanks for the explanation.
  11. OK - got it! That seems a bit cumbersome, seems like I am having to do a task twice. I was thinking that if I have it show on a plan design layer, then it should be able to show in a plan viewport of that same plan [provided the right classes and layers are on], but in fact I also have to click to tell it to show in the annotation of that plan viewport.
  12. Great - thanks! - I expect we will be on 2015 version here soon, so look forward to that!
  13. Yes, I I clicked on "section instances", checked the correct layer, clicked on "activate" - the "section instances" marker shows on the design layer, but it does not show in the viewport, even though that layer and class of the section marker is correctly turned on. Would you like a copy of the file to view? If so how best to upload it? Thanks.
  14. I have vw2014:sp4 and it does not stay a rectangle in my file. I open a blank file > draw rectangle > 2d reshape tool to grab the right side > move it horizontally > VW redefines it is Object Info as a "polygon". The shape is still a rectangle as the two pairs of opposite sides are still the same length.
  15. I have section line markers not showing on design layer ... "show instances" is checked on, all class layer visibility is correct. It does not show up in the viewport on the sheet layer, but it is there on the design layer as it should be. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I have a section viewport from a building model on a sheet layer in vw2014:sp4. When I ask it to "show instances" in the plan viewport annotations it works fine. However, I like to have a design layer that has grids and section markers, so they only show there, rather than being an annotation in every plan viewport.
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