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  1. Ok, sounds good. Thanks Jim!
  2. Hey Michael, I tried that too and it didn't work. Thanks though!
  3. Hey Michael, I tried that too and it didn't work. Thanks though!
  4. Ok Jim, here you go. I had to take a screenshot of it. Let me know if you need something else.
  5. Ok, awesome!! Thanks Jim, here you go. I know....sometimes this stuff gets a little frustrating. Thanks!!
  6. Hey Jim, how can I attach a drawing file to this? I don't see any where for an attachment.
  7. Hey Jim! Thanks for responding. When I copy and paste, it does the same thing. I'm on version 2015, and I'm on a mac OS X version 10.9.4
  8. Nevermind.....it's doing it again....ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Please help me!! Thanks!
  9. Ok, It looks like I fixed it. I closed the program and restarted the computer and now it works. That was really weird.
  10. Please help!! My border disappears after I edit the Title block. So I have to redo the screen to get it back. Anyone know what the problem is or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!!
  11. Ok, thank you for your responses. I'll mess around with the units and see what happens. Hopefully it works.
  12. I'm having some issues with dimensions not adding up along the string line. My model is exact but the string line dimension is 1/2" off from the overall dimension. Is there a way to fix this? I manually went in the Object Info Palette and changed the precision to 'No fraction'. These dimensions need to be exact, otherwise it can mess things up in the field if I don't double check the numbers. I shouldn't have to spend extra time making sure the dimensions are correct. Please let me know if you can help! I would attach the screenshot but I don't see a tab to do that. Thanks!! Tim
  13. Hey guys, thanks for your help. I just submitted the bug. Hopefully it won't happen again. At least I know how to fix it now. You guys are great! Thanks!
  14. Hey Michael! I am on 2015. Wow!! That worked. How weird. You're right, that was easy. I really appreciate the help. Thanks!!!
  15. Please help!! I have no idea what I hit, but My 'Roof Framing' sheet layer shrunk and I have no idea how to get it back to the original size. All my other sheets are formatted correctly. I went to publish the set and all I see on that sheet is a speck in the middle of the sheet. If I zoom in on the sheet layer the arrows are super huge. Please help!! I'm sure it's probably an easy fix but I can't find it. Thank you!!!
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