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  1. 9 hours ago, MAD-LD said:

    How is SP3 running now?


    I haven't opened a file since my last gig in March. Some torturous version of SP2 was live then—and it was a giant bag of hurt. Just like SP1. And the original 2020 release. And the original 2019 release. And 2018. And 2017. And 2016. 2015… wait, is this a pattern?


    The video shows the pain of simply trying to dock my toolbars in late February. On one hand, I regularly had design assets move 50-100' without reason, become invisible or entirely disappear from my canvas. On the other, toolbars would sporadically transition from being neatly docked to a random scatter around my workspace. Thankfully, it was always difficult to get them re-docked and organized.



    I love paying a generous annual subscription for professional software that carries major bugs six months after release. Not that I need the primary design tool for my design business to be reliable. You know what they say… always trust your most important tasks to beta software. With Vectorworks, every release should be considered beta until at least SP4.


    Losing a day (or more) worth of work on every other project is a rite of passage, designed to create a sense of frustration-based camaraderie within the Vectorworks community. Does anyone else feel the love?

    SP3 is running quite well here. Have been doing al lot of training sessions on it and 1 actual real life project since the mayhem started. There is a thing here and there but I am happy with it now. 

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