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  1. Hi Team! We are trying to used the Landscape Area tool and having some difficulties with our densities. Our garden bed is 100m2 has a dianella rate of 3plants p/m2 = 300 plants and groundcover of 6 plants p/m2 = 600 plants so there should be 9 plants p/m2 all up = 900plants for some reason landmark averages the density and you get an overall density of 4.5 plants per/m3 for some reason and we end up with 450 plants Help appreciated
  2. Hey guys, my reference file is a building with solid black for walls, when I switch the visibility of this reference to grey the wall fill disappears and turns into outlines only, very annoying as I want the building to be a lighter colour but retain the black fill of the walls. Can anyone help me with this. Cheers
  3. nvm that last one I just used R:Appr I have used the parameters for sheet title and sheet number as I have Landmark but some other people in the office do not have landmark. These options do not seem to be working for them, also the revision option isn't working. Is this because the are only using fundamentals? Cheers
  4. I tried to make a revision column with the variable :rBy to show who made the revision but It won't show up in the edit box? any suggestions?
  5. Hi, I want to set up a title block at my office which will update automatically the sheet numbers and number of sheets in the package. Their are 2 things which would help if they would auto update which is the total sheet numbers 1of20, 2of20, 3of20, 4of20 etc... and Individual sheet numbers, LAN-001, LAN-002, LAN-003 etc.... If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Cheers
  6. Hey, I'm in the process of setting up a symbols library for my office. I work as a landscape architect and want to make a library of trees and people etc for drawings so the whole office can use it. Whats the best way to do this? atm we just copy and paste a symbol form another drawing and then just scale it to roughly match the correct tree size. So what I need is; 1. How do I create an office symbols palette of trees, furniture, people etc that be accessed from the resource browser. 2. How do I get the tree symbol in the place plant tool ready to go. I need these all to be accessible from the moment Vectorworks is open. If you could point me in the direction of some tutorials or whatever might help that would be great! Cheers, Wyld
  7. I ended up tracing it, I just assumed it was something to do with the import of a foreign file (dwg). I'm not to sure how to post files? Thanks for the help.
  8. the last one exactly.. I select dashed and it reverts back to solid. I'm using VW 2011 Landmark and have imported a dwg file with the floor line I want dashed. Any clues on what's happening?
  9. I keep selecting the line to be dashed but it stays continuous. very frustrating.
  10. Hi, I am trying to create a landscape area with a gap within the area... So there is a larger square and a water feature in the middle so I obviously dont want to calculate that space as planting. The landscape area tool only lets me draw 1 area though? any tips appreciated cheers
  11. Ok, thats unfortunate, I have LANDMARK, so I guess that doesn't just come with that plug in.. I just followed the tutorial on loading all the plants from the Vectorworks > Libraries > Objects.Landscape & Site > Xfrog Anyway it seems that I can just create a Jpeg and it automatically takes the transparency from it (after cutting it out in photoshop) I guess this will have to do. I'll do some research into Renderworks Thanks for your help... Wyld
  12. Hi guys, new to Vectorworks, I have loaded all the library plants which there are a fair few but no Melaleuca's. So I wanted to create my own, I grabbed a photo cut it out in photoshop and created a .png file to retain transparency. this is how it came out. ANy suggestions, I want it to just be like the Xfrog ones from Vectorworks Cheers, Wyld
  13. Ray, I reckon thats it, I was wondering what that red box was.. because all the blue boxes work fine, I am working in top/plan drawing my sections, should I be working in front view or something you think... I'm from cad so I just naturally draw sections on the top plane. Cheers


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