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  1. It gets pretty messy.

    If you have symbols that are referenced but not italicized, it is almost certain that a local copy of those symbols were made, either because some stuff was copied into the drawing before the wref was performed, or the symbol was 'imported' before the wref was performed. Even though this results in a local copy (no italicizing), it's also listed in the wref, so it cannot be edited. Don't worry about it; the symbol definition should follow what is in the ref'd drawing.

  2. 6900 bytes sounds wrong. Was it 6900 kB (kilobytes)?

    Check Document Preferences -> Raster Render

    set Printing to 200 dpi (Pict Export also if you wish)

    In the Export Image dialog, set the resolution to 200 dpi. As KT [Wink] alluded to, the application you use to open the file may use just the dpi to set its display or just the pixel size. For example, one app might look at two files, both at 72 dpi, and show them the same size even though one is 10x10 and the other is 1000x1000.

    640 x approx.480 is a good size, leave jpg compression at Medium.

  3. AWESOME! That would be the handiest thing to have, just like a save reminder! Instead of guessing, or using my psychic connection with the computer to determine when it's going to die, I'd actually be told! I don't know why the message -- written to say that something is wrong with the APPLICATION -- was intended to indicate a problem with the OS, but the app has problems 2000 times more often than the operating system.

    Can you guys implement this as a feature? Please?

  4. What problems are you having with VectorWorks 10?

    Satisfied with the relative competence, consistency, and reliability (well, for a mac, anyway) of VW9.5.3, especially under X.2.6, I was hoping to avoid moving the office upward until VW11.5.something.

    Fate has conspired against me.

    I've kept blind to VW10 and its inevitable bugs so that I could focus on various elements of our OS9 to OSX transition, but my hand will soon be forced to upgrade to VW10. I would like a synopsis of problems people have encountered. I welcome your gripes and frustrations!

  5. Supposedly, setting up the 500PS using the 800PS drivers works. I never got it to work with either X.1.x or X.2.x, VW9, so that machine is staying OS9.

    As I said though, a few people have claimed success with the 800PS description file.

  6. Okay; I fixed the problem. The busy/locked status of the file when checked by Retrospect essentially tied Finder's shoelaces. I logged everybody out, shut down network apps, but when I tried to shut down the server, I get a Finder error -11 bomb. A simple soft boot restart solved the file open/closed status.

    All is well and good now, AFAIK.

  7. Someone here was doing an overnight rendering of a model (VW9.5.3) on his machine (MacOSX.2.4) although the file itself was on a networked drive (MacOS9.1).

    The scheduled overnight backup (Retrospect) tried to read the file for copying, but found that it was busy/locked, so it didn't copy the file. Not quite, anyway; a new copy was made, 0 kB (stupid Retrospect).

    This morning, the operator tried to access his file, but with no response, had to do a force-quit. The current copy of the file is still 4.4MB, but both the OS9 host and OSX client indicate that the file is in use, since VectorWorks never closed the file stream.

    Why oh WHY does VW keeps its grubby hands on the ACTUAL file? Good practice is to work on a temp file stream, eh?

    Anyway, I can't open the file by any means I know, so does anybody have any ideas?

  8. System restart: yes.

    User logout-login: yes.

    VW restart: I'll have to check. Cmd-tab fixed it too well...

    A dozen manual cmd-c's and cmd-v's fixes it for a short bit.

    I, personally, never use my right button in VW; a new staff member pointed it out and I've been able to reproduce it.

    I found that three times in a row, a first right click did nothing, but the second one worked.

    Then, it did nothing. A ctrl-leftclick shows the popup with all four edit options (cut, etc.) greyed out.

    Cmd-tabbing out of -- to type this in Safari -- and back into VW restores the function.

    Left click to select an object. Then right click without moving the mouse first.

    Leftclick -> movethemouse -> Rightclick : your right click works.

    Leftclick -> DON'Tmovethemouse -> Rightclick : right click stops is disabled for one click.

    Reason: the first right click cancels the snap (cursor hint) tag. Unintended feature?

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